Predator Calling Cards, Part2: What is a Predator Anyway?

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Predator Calling Cards, Part 1: Found One in My Mailbox

I sat down the other day for a rare moment of relaxation with my new issue of Country Living. It’s the one women’s magazine I subscribe to.

I looked forward to dreaming up some unachievable new interior design as I flipped my mind over to unwind mode.

Featured on page 92 and 93 was a quaint 19th century house in upstate New York.  But I had trouble figuring out the heading…

My mind did a double take as I re-read the article’s opening line… Jesse and Gus have forged a surprisingly modern home…. I turned the page to find a picture of this “couple”—two men and their five-year-old daughter.

What?!  I was accidentally taking a tour of a homosexual couple’s house? I dropped the issue on the floor in disgust. The images of the cute little girl stuck hauntingly in my mind.

 I wasn’t sure how to express my shock and outrage. I was the only one awake at that hour and there was definitely no one else I wanted to pollute with my discovery.  So I picked up my magazine again and turned to the editorial contact page contemplating my recourse.

My email to the editor titled Not Liking This went something like this:

I have been a fan of Country Living for a while now, and I have always found the magazine to be a breath of fresh air in our bustling world. I sat down to relax with my new July/August issue only to get a shock. I DO NOT want to look at photos of two homosexual men building a life with a cute little girl!!

 PLEASE! This has been a family friendly magazine in the past. Today, your magazine hit the trash before my young children could see. Why did you think we would all enjoy this??? What are you trying to sell us?

Unless you can guarantee to me this will never happen again, I want my subscription canceled immediately. I will await your reply and explanation.

Frontline Moms, even the women’s magazines are trying to brainwash us into seeing nothing wrong with two men and a baby?!

What if I had left that magazine in my bathroom reading rack as I usually do, and my children had seen it?  They could have been influenced and damaged by this deceptive display.

Apparently Hearst Communications, the publisher of Country Living magazine, believed that the attraction of homosexual men to their readership by running that article would outweigh the loss of conservative women. Isn’t it important that we let them know we do not share their indoctrinating views?

Whether it is through prime time TV shows, magazines, or made for teens music videos, our kids are being bombarded with these types of confusing homosexual images. And the sexual acting out in their lives shows it is having an affect.

The Bible is very clear on our standard of truth. Homosexuality is not acceptable to the Lord.

As we work to Unmask the Predators threatening our homes, we must have the courage to discuss these issues openly and frequently with our children.

Sitting passively or in fear is not an appropriate or a safe response. Our children’s futures depend on what we allow in their world.

“…Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.” Matthew 16:19

Will you resolve with me that when we encounter a predator’s calling card, we will call it what it is, and counter it with the truth?

By Lisa Cherry, Author of Unmask the Predators

Image courtesy of Aneta Blaszczyk

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