By Lisa Cherry

We sat huddled in our little circle of chairs engaging in nervous chatter.  All seven of us were willing participants in the meeting, but none of us felt at ease or confident.   We cared about each other, and we cared about our sister warriors who would listen to our discussion on our Frontline Families radio show.

As we struggled to figure out how to creatively share three microphones (two of which crinkled when you moved them), we were painfully aware of our lack of professional broadcasting skills.  In fact, most of us could not claim to be professional at anything, unless we totaled up the nearly 100 years of mothering experience represented in the room.

You could cut the tension with a knife.  That was until I prodded my panel of moms with their opening question. As their group moderator, I thought I would start them out with something easy.  “So, how’s your week been?” I asked.  And immediately the room came alive as almost simultaneously my team leaned forward in their chairs, chuckled, and gave the same one word response, “Busy!!”

Why is “Busy” the only culturally correct response to that question?  I smiled to myself as my own discomfort eased.  Now we had a good intro to our show.  Busy.  That’s the single best description of every mom I know.  Some are busy with babies and toddlers.  Some are busy with careers and carpools.  Some are busy with hobbies and Facebook.  All are busy with grocery lists and laundry.  Busy. Busy. Busy.  We are filling our days with tasks that “must be done.”

“But fellow Frontline Mom,” I asked,” does busy always equal ‘productive?’ Or does busy always equal ‘good’ ?”  Does it equal ‘important’?

From there our discussion moved to a series of pertinent questions. “In these days when our culture is overcome with a collective state of sensory overload, who will control the atmosphere of our homes?” we asked.  “Who or what will hold us hostage to the urgent tasks at the expense of the valuable tasks?  If we take the role of Christian parenting seriously, won’t we have to somehow carve out the time to give our children the attention they need?”

Ouch!  This radio show recording began to step on our toes.  Especially when we remembered the tough questions our kids have been asking lately at all the most inopportune, busy times.  “Mommy, what’s homosexuality?” asks the seven year old as we are in the car late for the meeting.  “Mom, I just don’t think you are listening!” complains the teen while we rush to fix the dinner.
Busy?  Am I really too busy for the important things?

Am I really too busy to stay close to my kids’ hearts?  Am I really too busy to help them make sense out of a world spinning out of moral control?  Am I really too busy to pray?  If so, then maybe we are just too busy, we concluded.  Or maybe we are too busy doing the wrong things!

Our 25 minute panel discussion ended with seven moms re-awakened.   Lord, we repent of wasting our days on things that don’t matter.  Awaken us, O God, to Your priorities for our homes once again!

You can listen to this discussion by some frontline moms, at Follow the link to radio shows and click on “Frontline Moms: Effective, Not Just Busy.”


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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