I asked my 14 year old daughter, Hannah, what she thought kids today needed from their Frontline Moms.  After we talked about the heart cries she hears from teens all around her, Hannah expressed her thoughts in this poem:

Frontline Moms

The images the world shows
Tear you apart
You feel as if you don’t measure up
You are never enough
Never qualified

You want to be something you are not
You desire to perform above your ability
You long to measure up to their standards

You just want something solid
Something true
Something faithful

You need someone
Someone who loves you enough to fight
Someone who won’t let you hide
who won’t let you run
won’t let you turn

You are hurting and desperate
You are torn and confused
You don’t know the truth
You can’t see the light

The world has given up on you
They have deserted and left you
They have forgotten and forsaken
Abandoned and discarded

You want someone to stop it
Someone who won’t allow this to happen
Someone who has not forgotten

You feel boxed in and pressured
You feel as if all is gone
You feel hopeless and distraught

You are waiting for someone who
Won’t give up
Won’t give in
Who will not yield to the pressures
Will not fall in the battle

You are waiting for someone
who loves you enough to fight
Fight to the end
Fight to the death
Fight for the victory
Someone who’s love is enough
You’re  waiting for your frontline mom

~Hannah R. Cherry~ 7-14-10

Wow, those words penetrated my heart!   I could see afresh just how much she needs me.  She captured some of the pressures I see over and over in my kids’ lives as they become caught in the mind web of what the world says is success: physical beauty, popularity, electronic gadgets, thinness, etc.  We stand by trying to tell them the true way to God’s success.  Sometimes I feel so inadequate to help them.  And yet they need me to be the anchor in the midst of their storm.

I had one of those experiences just the other day.  I saw the heart of one of my teens tip open to me, and suddenly I was face to face with a stream of tears.  It was one of those sacred parenting moments that I have learned to treasure.  I quickly adjusted my plans. Sit still, Lisa.  Cancel your next hour’s appointments.  Look into those eyes.  Wait.  Listen with your heart.  And pray.  Pray that God will pour His revelation and wisdom into your mind NOW!

And He did!  When we walked out of that room, I think we both knew we had been in the Father’s presence, as He helped us, healed us, and prepared us for another day of the battle.

My fellow Frontline Mom, ask the Father today for those precious glimpses into your kids’ hearts.  There are new triumphs ahead in your Christian parenting journey.  Let’s learn to ask, and to recognize those moments when they come!

Lord, we need Your help to be the Mom in these difficult hours.  Teach us Your ways.  Open our hearts to hear our kids as never before.  Prepare us for battle.  And deliver us from evil.  AMEN.

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About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

3 responses »

  1. Aveniel Cherry says:

    Bless all of you Cherry Children of God…..my beloved children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    Inspiring poem, Hannah

    Love you all

  2. scarlett pierson says:

    Lisa, thanks for the insight into your own parenting life and getting a sweet glimpse of your daughter’s heart. Her poem made me cry because I see that in the Christian classroom with my 7th and 8th graders. I try to be a “frontline” teacher with those kids especially the girls!!! My heart hurts to see them struggle with the world and what it asks of them. Thats why I pound it in their heads as much as possible to fight against that, and allow Christ to be LORD of their lives. anyway, thanks for doing this… you are glorifying GOD in a big way. God Bless.

  3. Lisa Vail-Rebelsky says:

    Great poem Hannah!

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