Today I’m saying “Bravo” to Charles Colson for calling our attention to “sexual obesity.” It’s a term for a cultural phenomenon coined by Mary Eberstadt in her article The Weight of Smut. Kids are gobbling up pornographic images like snack food, and it’s setting them up for a lifetime of trouble.
Our kids are being saturated with sexual imagery on a daily basis before they even go looking for it. It’s openly available to them in grocery lines, mall storefronts, website pop ups, on their cell phones, and in ads from your mailbox. The net effect? A generation of young men sucked into the pornographic snare. A generation of young women dieting or purging themselves to death. All while we are focused on the outward symptoms of inward problems.

As a mother who nearly lost her daughter to a sexual predator, I throw my alarm bell into the ring. Her perpetrator’s doorway was a cell phone, accessed in the middle of the night. He enticed her and hooked her when her teenage guard was down and hid his crime through a virtual relationship under the radar of notice. The damage? A girl, though was never physically touched, who became severely depressed, overtly rebellious, deeply traumatized, and suicidal. You can’t tell me that auditory and visual stimulations are not powerful!

How I wish I would have known then what I know now! Wake up, parents! Our kids are unable to “handle it.” They need our protective care. Do you know who they are talking to? Do they have unlimited access? Do you see what they are seeing?

Frontline Moms, I urge you to read Mr. Colson’s commentary and Ms. Eberstadt’s article, and join with me in arising before these concerns.

After our family’s recovery from a near brush with complete disaster, my daughter and I wrote our story in Kalyn’s Secret: Every Parent’s Battle To Save Their Children. We can intercept the missiles hurled at our children. We can hold back the onslaught of the smut, but only if we awaken and fight.


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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