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I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  1. I have definitely trained my kids to third or fourth time obedience! What would you recommend as the training tool (aka discipline) to help re-train them (and me) to first time obedience? Time out? Loss of privilege? Spanking?

    • Great question! When I find myself slipping into the third or fourth time trap, I have to set a definite strategy. Two principles come to mind. One is the law of natural consequences which is one of the best teachers. I ask myself “what is the logical consequence to this behavior if it was fully played out?” Makes for some very effective discipline. ex. Because you did not empty the dishwasher when I first asked, you may now empty and load the dishwasher since I will not be able to wait. Since you did not come when I first called you and I had to waste my time and energy to call you again, you will now need to come on in the house and do some clean up work. Play time is now over for the day.

      I also use appropriate biblical spankings to break the cycle of rebellion to my word if I have determined that I have a root of folly and rebellion to authority. Have you seen a book called Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley? I have found his work to help me sort through this issue. Reb warns of the danger of knee jerk adjusting on the part of parents. Our children will need re-educated about our standards just like we need re-educated about our sloppy parenting habits. I know for me, I need the Lord’s continual help to hold to my traing goals. If I am not serious about the first time thing, it is not fair to them to discipline them one day and ignore the next. OUCH!

      Thanks for asking! I needed that!

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