Can we count on the government to protect our children?  I don’t think so.  In Illinois, where I live, 90 addresses listed as state licensed child care providers were recently found to be the same addresses as registered sex offenders!  Obviously, something went terribly wrong with our screening systems for protecting our kids from known sexual predators.   This horrendous failure was revealed by Illinois Auditor General William Holland and reported by the Illinois Family Institute.

Now, of course, no one in his right mind would think this was proper screening.  This news was embarrassing to all involved.  But even so, the situation is not due to be corrected until a new law passes on October 1.

Am I trying to throw stones at our government systems?  Honestly, no.  I truly believe we have the best and most sophisticated system in the world to protect our citizens while insuring individual liberties.  For the most part, honest, caring people administer our laws to the best of their abilities.  Sure, we have some government employees who might not individually hit the mark, but they do not define who we are as Americans.  We are trying our best to protect our kids. In this case however, the system broke down and failed us.  Children were placed in immediate and continued risk of sexual abuse.

I believe there is an even bigger question this story should raise to our minds: Whose job is it anyway to protect our children?  Can we, as parents, assume that government agencies are responsible?  Or do we as parents retain the ultimate responsibility?

Parents, God has entrusted us with stewarding over our children’s lives.  While we are blessed to be able to pool our resources of strength through an amazing democratic system, WE must do our job as the-buck-stops-here caregivers of our own kids.

I urge you to focus your attention on our laws and legal systems in matters of protecting our children from sexual exploitation.  When our family participated it the criminal proceedings against Kalyn’s abuser, I saw first hand the difficulty our state’s attorney had in getting justice.  We must get involved in the legislative process and tighten our net of protection!

We should be sobered and moved to action by the distressing statistics that 1 in 3 girls by age 18 are sexually abused and 1 in 6 boys.  I believe the greatest potential we have in reversing this is to awaken as parents!  WE must become educated.  WE must become alert and vigilant.  WE must cry out to our God to alert us to the dangers lurking for our kids.

Will you join us in the Frontline Family Coalition?  We are taking AIM on the battles against our kids!

A=AGREEING in prayer for the protection of our kids

I=INVESTING our time, energy, love and commitment to saving our kids

M= MOTIVATING ourselves and others to action on behalf of a struggling generation

How can you join? Just sign up for our blog at  There is no cost to join, and you will receive updates by email to keep abreast of this critical issue.

Also I invite you view the trailer of our book, Kalyn’s Secret: Every Parent’s Battle to Save Their Children and to buy a copy at Or follow me on facebook at Frontline Moms and  Kalyn’s Secret.


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  1. freetolive10 says:

    This is news is simply unbelievable.; it is news like this that should awaken us to action. Thanks Lisa.

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