Exit Sign

Doug called us together for our family devotion time this morning as he does most every week day.  Family devotion time is one of the greatest treasures of our family’s life.  But I have to confess that anything done this side of heaven as a matter of routine can, because of our fleshly nature, have a way of becoming…routine.  As I sat there in my routine place holding my routine Bible, suddenly something (or Someone) hit my heart that wasn’t routine.

Doug began to share about what happened when our church was re-inspected as a part of a remodeling project to upgrade our kitchen.  I had heard all the stories from Doug and Nathan about the high budget items that would need to be replaced.  But I hadn’t heard about one of our most significant violations.

The city building inspector found something in the electrical wiring that we had failed to assess.  The inspector cut the power, and the emergency exit lights went dark. In the case of a true emergency, he warned, all electricity would fail and we would be left in the dark …with no lighting for children or adults to vacate our building.

On a daily basis we had glanced at our over-the-door exit lights and diagnosed they were working just fine.  However, none of us thought about checking to see if the battery mechanism was working properly. Wow, such a simple thing, but critically important.  Being able to find an exit in case of a fire.  How many have been burned alive because of something so simple not in place?

Immediately, I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking through this simple story.  Lisa, are there areas of your life that look like they are fully functioning and strong, but actually have no power source to back them up in case of emergency?  Lisa, are you prepared for standing strong when the storms of life come?  Are you holding fast to My power source ( i.e. My word and My presence?)

Sounds remarkably like the parable of the 10 virgins, doesn’t it?   As parents in a hostile culture, we cannot afford to operate without an emergency spiritual power supply, in place and fully functional.  Staying alert.  Staying connected.  Staying prepared.

As Doug concluded our devotion, I sensed his words penetrating to our hearts.  My heart began to cry… Lord, I am living in incredibly difficult and dangerous times!  Jesus, be my first love again.  Be my number one priority.  Fill me again with the voice of Your Spirit. Bring me Your wisdom, Your witness, Your grace.  Awaken me and equip me to live each day intentionally for your purposes and your glory.  And if, Lord, disaster would come on our land or on our home, help me to hear and see Your emergency way of escape.  Equip me to lead my children to the safety of Your arms. again.


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

2 responses »

  1. Doug says:

    Good revelation, honey. Family devotions never get mundane and boring when you are there :) !!!

    Love, Hubby

  2. Wow. This one hit home today.

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