I awoke this morning droopy and slightly disoriented.  Josiah, our 3 year old, had made his way into our bed in the early morning hours, and he had an uncomfortable grip on my hair.  The room was filled with a horrible odor that I immediately blamed on Josiah (or maybe Doug!).  Doug’s alarm was going off and he sat up with a strange grimace.  “Whew, we must have had a skunk!”  (So I must have missed the diagnosis of the odor!)

My brain struggled to emerge from its fog.  I had planned to get to bed early to prepare for our departure to the Ontario Acquire the Fire. Early for me wound up being 11:15 p.m. after getting all the teens to bed.  But when I tried to drift off, sleep stubbornly eluded me.  It must be all the trip details on my mind, I reasoned.  Or maybe I was nervous and I just did not know it.  Suddenly the reason dawned on me.  Micah had won a prize at the youth meeting and had shared it with me.  Why did I mindlessly eat a third of a jar of caffeine-rich dark chocolate covered cashews one hour before bed?

Oh well.  I have faced late mornings before, I comforted myself.  I would just need to tighten up my schedule.  I was determined to get two crock pots full of roast, potatoes and carrots started so dinner would be smooth in the hour before mom’s departure.  I had also determined to not miss my morning exercise again (and since I had mindlessly overeaten several hundred calories the night before, my commitment seemed extra important!)  And the kids and I all had to be out the door for the day by 8:15 a.m.  They say necessity is the mother of invention so I was pretty proud of myself when I invented a new aerobic sport: Running in place while peeling potatoes.  Not destined to be an Olympic event, I determined, but amazingly effective.

I was reminded of the news article I read last year. “Scientists have determined that multitasking is not effective.”  Who were these scientists anyway?  Certainly not mothers!  Any mother worth her salt knows that wiping a bottom while settling a fight in the hallway is a normal part of our job description.

Multitasking, honestly, is one of my secret weapons on days like this.  Praying and talking to my Father while I am caring for my family is my life strength.  Sure, I enjoy leisurely times sitting in the Lord’s presence.  But how many times I have found my peace, my answer, and my joy while unraveling a life crisis and talking to my best Friend.  Simultaneously.  By the Spirit.  How, my husband would ask?  It’s a Mom thing.   God really does understand our crazy days.  And Moms, you can learn to multitask …and listen to Him chuckle at the crazy daily stride.

Note these cautions if you choose to try the jogging in place while loading a crock pot:

1.  Extra potatoes may be required.  It is harder to peel them close to the skin when your shoulders are moving.

2.  Watch out for the onions.  They are much harder.

3.  Don’t let your husband or kids watch.

More about the trip later…….

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I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

2 responses »

  1. writingjack says:

    i thought you were amazing before, but running in place while peeling potatoes puts it over the top. You’re Super Mom! SOO funny.

  2. Aveniel Cherry says:

    You need lots of prayer for this weekend…I’ll supply a big hunk of it.


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