Hello Frontline Moms,

I couldn’t get a working internet connection while in Ontario, but I wanted to let you know about the rest of our trip to the Acquire the Fire Conference. In my last post, Kalyn had just found her passport, and we were about to make the two hour drive to St. Louis, to spend the night there and be ready to catch an early flight. The saga continues:

Our drive up to St. Louis Thursday night was refreshingly uneventful. My granddaughter Lili (Nathan’s baby), who was making her 19-month-old missionary debut, slept in her car seat peacefully. However, our three hour lost passport escapade set us up for a very late check in time at the motel. By then, Lili was kind of done with peaceful sleeping.

The alarm the next morning called us to attention at an early hour. A beautiful, blue sky day invited us to enjoy the adventures of travel. With quick showers and reloading we would be at the airport in no time.

Traveling with all our heavy books and materials is quite a sight. Perhaps we grew a little smug from our last check in when no one seemed too concerned about the weight of our baggage. This time the attendants were much more vigilant. With one hour to make it through the security line and board, we made a horrifying discovery. Somehow we were almost 30 pounds overweight. We immediately questioned the reliability of the scales. But what good would that do? An extra $300 dollars was our assessment.

Obviously, stepping out of line to restuff and pitch was the only reasonable solution. Every nook and cranny of our carryons and pockets would need to hold bookmarks, business cards, and mini-books. All toiletry bottles carrying unwanted weight were thrown overboard with the display bags and booth un-necessities. Somehow we managed to dump thirty pounds for the next weigh in. The flight attendant was impressed.

With coat pockets burgeoning with cards, we scurried to the security check. We looked overloaded to me, but we just kept thinking thin.

Friday morning we were cruising at 25,000 feet with “Chicken” (and no, I don’t know how they gave her that nickname!) going through snack bags at an alarming rate. Good thing our first flight was a short hop to Detroit. I thought maybe she would eat through enough snacks to make room for the bookmarks I crammed into the seat back in front of me.

I love this traveling ministry stuff. But it is definitely not for the faint of heart!!

More trip updates later……

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