One hour was probably enough for Lili’s inaugural flight.  We were about ready to just let her crawl down the aisle as she seemed determined to try.  But we weren’t sure about the FAA code on that one.

The real trouble broke out with an enormously stinky diaper about 20 minutes out.  Nathan had her wrapped in every spare piece of paper we could find as the leaking effect became increasingly evident.

We thought if he jumped up real quick when the plane landed other passengers would catch the hint (and possibly the smell.)  They didn’t.  So since we were in the very back of the plane, Nate investigated the cramped changing spaces on top of the rear toilet seat.

I think Nathan may be reconsidering the calling he has sensed for missionary travels.  At least at this season in life.  With the Chicken.

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  1. Doug says:

    I wonder if the “Chicken” will be a frequent flyer!! Nice post, sweetie!

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