We intended to get up early, find a church service, and then stop by Niagara Falls for a walking tour before our afternoon flight.  But our exhausted bodies and late night screaming session with Lilibeth caused us to get a later start.  “Chicken” was crowing about getting home and we were all in agreement with her.

We drove up to the Falls allowing 40 minutes for sightseeing and lunch, or an hour if we wanted to live on the dangerous side.  We chose the latter and had one hour of solid fun.  The falls were spectacular. The souvenir shopping appropriately junky and the New York style ethnic lunch tasty.  Wouldn’t have traded a minute of it!

Nathan made a discovery about Lili’s traveling preferences.  She prefers to save all blowout dirty diapers for mid-air. He had the pleasure of checking out an even smaller plane’s bathroom facility for changing a thrashing one year old.  He is becoming an expert you may consult for pointers!  What a Dad!

I was feeling rather smug of my new frequent flying savvy behavior as we arrived at the airport rental car return.  I have joined the airport subculture and learned to navigate the security checks and moving sidewalks with my carry-on in tote like a pro.

There are a few things I wish someone would have warned me about.  Like airport bathroom protocols.  I personally feel we have carried lavatory science a little too far.  When we need an orientation manual before entry to figure how to operate all modern energy saving controls, we have simply gone beyond wisdom.  In one bathroom, I was convinced the faucets were all broken.  I stuck my hands under four of them with no water to show.  Finally, in frustration I struck one of the handles.  That was the missing key.  What, touch a faucet?  Is not that thoroughly antiquated and gross?

I entered one stall as I was struggling to catch a connecting flight.  I put toilet paper on the seat three times and every time I did, the auto sensor would cause it to flush and suck my paper down before I could sit. How is this ever going to save us energy?

As I sat there on my throne, I made another astute discovery.  Unlike most public facilities, airport stall doors go nearly to the floor.  (I know, you are thinking, who cares?)  But honestly, this registered very strongly in my mommy meter.  No child who locks themselves in one of those things will be able to crawl underneath.  I guess that is where the safety is.  No stray bomber will be able to crawl under your stall.  Extra security.

With our flight’s delay of several hours, I am having a great time writing our memories.  I think I like this job.  Traveling and speaking is a blast.  But my heart is aching for my first job waiting for me back home.  The children and Doug have been so patient.  They have taken this whole adventure in stride and I am so proud.

Next week we ALL get to drive to Chicago.  All my babies with me.  Now that will be fun!  We are all in this Frontline Family thing together and as God sends us out on missions, I am sure He will mature their little hearts….and use them to share His hope and His love.

Next week my packing will look quite different.  And I can just hear all the squabbles now.  “I need to sit by the window…Mom, it’s my turn to sit at the booth…Mom, please take Josiah.  All these kids will think he is my baby!……MOM!”….Wow, I love that word!

Bring it on God!  I am ready for Chicago.  But, next week, I will leave my new Delta Frequent Flier pillow at home.

This is the last of the ten part series on my ministry trip to Ontario.  In the previous post I spoke to the Canadian parents of teens, and marveled at the Lord’s faithfulness to us.  In case you missed the beginning, here’s the first post.

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