While sitting in the Chicago airport last Sunday, I was reflecting on our all-girl travel weekend to the Cleveland Acquire the Fire event. Why would we care if it was just us girls? Well, let’s just say that an all girl adventure has a “different flair” of originality to it.

I’ve written before about our travel adventures. This time we had the idea that we could prove to the men we could do this travel thing by ourselves, and just as efficiently as they do.  Kalyn, Rebekah and I left early Friday morning (5:35 am to be exact) for the St. Louis airport. Our departure, delayed as it was by several beauty and comfort interruptions, was probably not early enough. A near brush with missing our first flight was not our most confidence-inspiring move! It did, however set the tone for our weekend.

There’s something about three women in a hotel room under the pressure of looking and performing their best that can make for some goofy moments.

“What, you don’t like my scarf?” “Hey, can I borrow that jacket? I left mine at home.” “You’re not going to wear that are you?” “Oh, no! I have to wear my heels while we are walking two blocks in the snow!” “I couldn’t bring my snow boots, Mom. I wore them last week. Someone might remember!”

I’ll leave to the reader’s imagination which comment came from which woman.

We arrived at the Wolstein Center, toted in our boxes and eventually got the booth set up. Our female version these activities must have provided comic relief to anyone who watched us. Only a few times did our collective perfectionist tendencies threaten our peace of our fair team!

Seriously, the Cleveland event was awesome. It was some of our best ministry time yet. After Kalyn spoke, she was flooded with teens at our booth. She was able to minister to them with wise counsel and prayer for four hours. Our hearts were deeply moved by the depth of the pain and need.

I felt God’s presence with us in the parents’ meeting so strongly! My heart just bursts with excitement in some sort of a supernatural way every time I get to speak to my POTS group. I know I am in the right place with the right assignment. God is calling us as parents of the teen generation to pull in tight to Him and catch His wave of wisdom and power.

The last hours of the main session were spectacular as a wave of God’s presence filled the arena. We and the other 3800 exuberant worshippers hung in His presence not wanting to leave. Teens and adults would never be the same again. His work had been accomplished!

We were exhausted to the core when we finally got all the boxes packed up for the semi to haul away. Our mission was accomplished, but one significant hindrance dampened our euphoria.

All three of us make lousy accountants. We must have tallied up our sales sheets a dozen times. Each time we were off in a new way. Suddenly, we got a wave of appreciation for Doug, Nathan, and Adam who make completing the inventory sheet look so easy.

I went off in search of help for our problem and couldn’t find any of the usual staff from Teen Mania. Then I saw a young man in a corner who I thought I recognized as a worker. When I asked him for help, he quickly informed me that he knew nothing about my money bag.

Come to find out he was Jimmy Needham, the worship performer Rebekah had so wanted to meet on her travels! She was horrified. I explained to her he seemed like the nicest young man. “Oh Mom, how could you?!” I’m still not sure why Rebekah isn’t laughing about this yet.

We finally figured out our mathematical error. We packed our giant suitcases with the books and supplies that we needed to take home with us, and headed back to our hotel, laughing and giddy with success.

Since the hotel was just two blocks away, I figured we could save some money and walk. I still don’t know why Rebekah stopped me from flagging down those nice Jimmy Needham band members who were driving by us as we pushed our bags. I think they had room in their van. And they were heading to our hotel. Teen girls are just so funny!

(Oh, when you get the chance, be sure and ask Kalyn if she lost anything on this trip. Don’t tell her I said so, but ask about her coat in Chicago, her earrings that required a second trip back to the hotel at check out, and the flight tickets. She might say the lost flight tickets were my fault. Simply do not believe that report! Just because they were in my purse all along. That doesn’t count. You know how girls are! Ha, Ha!)

I’ll travel to Acquire the Fire in Anaheim, California this weekend. News from Anaheim next week.

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