We were having one of those great mother-daughter bonding moments.  The boys were all at basketball practice, except for three-year-old Josiah who had fallen asleep for a late nap.

That left just four of us (two teens, my eight-year-old princess and me) around a table of random taco ingredients.

Seems like you can hear a lot of the important scoop over a disorganized plate of American Mexican fare. “Mom, I need you to go to Wal-Mart tonight.  I am totttttallllly out of the waterproof eyeliner.”

“But daughter, I tried to buy some last week.  I looked for 30 minutes, and they do not have any waterproof.  Surely most girls are using non-waterproof.  Shouldn’t we try it?”

“Why no, mother dear, that will never work!  We must go to Walgreens!” …I felt we were a little like the characters in Pride and Prejudice.

And then it happened.   I said something totally wrong.  I admit I have a hard time keeping up with the new names. So when I commented on the new artist “Dustin Beaver,” thinking I was in the know, the room erupted in laughter.  Is he good, I asked?

Oh Mother, you are so crazy!  It’s Justin Bieber.  And mother, he is so lame, thinking he is every girl’s dream.  Of course, we don’t like him.”

And after the laughter over Mom’s evening faux pas died down, my heart felt so relieved.  They knew the name, but they also knew the truth!  Running after the latest teen idol is both empty and deceiving.   My precious frontline girls are holding their own right now, I reasoned.

How confusing and difficult it is for young lives to sort out a pop culture that runs counter to God’s ways. When I hear from them a glimpse of their own meaning attached to the latest crazes, I am so encouraged.  Sometimes they let me in to the difficult pain of “not fitting in to the teenage mold.”  But, honestly, I cannot take credit for their views.  God has reached in and touched my girls’ hearts.  And I am eternally grateful.

So what is a mom to do who struggles to be “cool?”  Well, possibly listening closely enough to get the pop stars’ names right would increase my credibility!  But more importantly…watch, listen, discern.  Move into your kids’ world and risk looking a little dated!

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I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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