Don’t you just love a wedding! The romance, the excitement, the beauty. I have evidence that many of us do, because to date one of the most looked-at posts I have published was the one about our daughter Kalyn’s wedding. She was a gorgeous sparkling-eyed bride in the prime of her youth, standing before a candlelit floral altar to pledge her life to the man she loves. Stunning! There were not many dry eyes in the house before the service ended.

That special day of August 7, 2010, was actually far more than just a ceremonial good time. It was an event that affected all of eternity. For the marriage ceremony is, according to God’s word, a covenant cutting event, in which God becomes the Holy witness and sealer.

Covenant, in our culture, is very much a foreign term and concept. It sounds to us like a really strong agreement based on binding terms. Hard to get out of and painful if broken, but much like a contract. If one party doesn’t keep his end of the deal, the other party has a reason not to keep his or her part of the deal too.

Somewhere along the way, we have lost our biblical understanding of covenant. God sees the two marriage partners as one. Completely intertwined. Everything he has is hers. Everything she has is his. Every need he has is her need. Every need she has is his need. Covenants are unconditional and not tied to human performance. The only way to end one is through death.

This is in clear contract to the message that the world has embraced with “no fault” divorce. Sadly, divorce is as common in the church as in the world. Many who call themselves believers end up divorced for no reason other than “We grew apart,” or “I found someone else who meets my needs.” Proverbs 2:17 warns of the one who “has left the partner of her youth, and ignored the covenant she made before God.”

Some who are still married have left emotionally, neglecting the covenant to love and honor their spouses. This is a dangerous place that we must work diligently to avoid.

Many of us have broken wounded hearts that mourn for the joy we once had at the altar when we were dressed in white. Just to bring up this discussion produces discomfort in all our hearts. So many of us are either living the nightmare of a collapsed marriage, or know intimately the pain of those affected around us.

But somehow, some way we must turn the tide in this next generation. Our children are looking to us to demonstrate the power of covenant…..even if we have to teach them through the lens of our own failures or wounds. Thank God, we serve the great Deliverer who can make all things new as we trust Him with our kids’ lives.

Wives, are we remembering the covenant we made? Are we standing faithfully alongside our husbands taking captive every thought of discontentment and remorse? Are we fully and continually engaged in showing love to and honor for our husbands? Mothers, are we teaching and showing our kids a different view of marriage than the world displays?

Beginning today, let’s do something different with our marriages and our kids’ marriages. Start with God’s word. Rebuild the foundations. Then cry out to the Lord for His wisdom, His understanding and His grace.

It is never too late! We can take back the ground we have lost and build Frontline Families, one generation, and one marriage at a time!

Let’s take 30 seconds now to meditate on Proverbs 2:17: …who has left the partner of her youth and ignored the covenant she made before God…

Photo courtesy of npiggy2 via stock.xchng

Wisdom Wednesday posts are inspired by a verse from the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the posting date.

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