By Beth Groh

A note from Lisa: I am so excited to introduce my sister, Beth Groh. She is an awesome voice to moms of today!!! As a gifted writer, she will regularly contribute to our site to help us train our kids to think like a Christians. Thanks, FrontLineMom Beth. Good to have you on board, sis!

Want to attract stares at your son’s basketball game?

Sure, you can stand up and cheer at the top of your lungs, “Good try, good try,” when your son hits an air ball feet away from the basketball goal, or “Way to go” when he scores.

Or you could do like I did a few weeks ago. Set up a colorful table at the gym with a sign, “Creation Corner”… and see what happens when you hand out tracts such as What Really Happened to Dinosaurs?, Was the World Really Made in 6 Days?, Who’s Cain’s Wife?

What will you get?

A few stares. A few polite nods. A few eager takers of the tracts.

And some stopping, quite hungry to talk. “I’ve been really confused about this,” one man started as he sat down to chat. “I have a hard time believing many Bible stories as being true.”

What a great way to start what turned out to be an hour-long intense talk about the truth of Scripture—and how a belief in that truth starts at Chapter 1, verse 1: “In the beginning, GOD created…”

Another man confessed he used to be “something of an atheist” and had a hard time accepting that Bible stories were true. But then he had a radical snap back into the faith of his childhood—in an unlikely place … a college science classroom.

He heard the professor trash-talk creation as nonsense, saying that science offered the only true answers to the beginning of life and the universe.

“And that’s when it hit me,” the man said. “I didn’t want to start thinking like that.” A “fear of the Lord” roared in his soul—which, as we know from Scripture—is the beginning of true Knowledge and Wisdom.

Sadly, he never returned to college and quit right then. But, joyfully, he returned to his faith—and now witnesses that same faith with his children and those on the church basketball team.

And then there was one more memorable encounter. One man scoffed that he would certainly not be interested in attending an upcoming creation seminar, saying he was not one of those “literalists”. He proudly showed the Hebrew text on his iPhone and said he had studied and “sacrificed way too much” in his faith to ever accept simplistic views. “If you can read this,” he continued as he showed his phone screen, “then you can understand the complexity.”

I was then fighting both anger and glee as I prayed for quick wisdom to respond. Through recent study of this issue, the Holy Spirit had instilled the knowledge I needed for that moment. “No, sir, I can’t read that Hebrew,” I replied. “But I do know one of those words in there is ‘yom’, right?”

Yom is the Hebrew word for day in the Genesis days of creation. “And, yes, ‘yom’ is used in other contexts in the Old Testament, but is it ever not used with the distinction of ‘morning’ and ‘evening’, and given numerical order as ‘first day,’ ‘second day’, etc.?”

“Why would God so clearly use ‘yom’ and characterize it as a 24-hour period if he didn’t mean it?” Silence. And a quick end to the conversation.

The following Saturday, I once again sat in my same conspicuous spot. And one of my first visitors was that last gentleman, who promptly stuck out his hand to shake mine and introduced himself. “I owe you an apology for my arrogance,” was the start of his conversation.

Praise God, He had worked on that man’s heart through our conversation.

Now I know why Ken Ham, the founder of the national ministry Answers in Genesis, says dinosaurs are some of the best evangelism tools!

A simple table display. A desire to ask questions. And, voila, an opportunity to reaffirm a Biblical worldview on creation … and reassert the authority of His Word.

Now that’s an exciting way to draw attention at a basketball game!

Dinosaur photo courtesy of madmaven via stock.xchng


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  1. […] a fire in me to volunteer to be on the curriculum review committee for our school… to launch a “creation crusade” with events throughout the year at our church and school, sharpening our message about the truth […]

  2. Fredrik Hviding says:

    Nice to hear that you are doing something with what you have learned from AiG! I want to do the same!

    Blessings from Norway.

  3. Good job on standing up for Scriptural truth! If all creationists would testify in their own sphere of influence like you have, then we could penetrate our culture with Biblical truth and take back our land.

  4. […] sister’s growing ministry, called Frontline Moms. (Here’s a link to today’s post: ) If you can take the time to read, there’s a couple of amazing encounters I had when sitting […]

  5. Kevin Rose says:

    Thank you Beth for your efforts!! I pray that the Lord would continue to guide and direct you. The creation issue is one that the Lord used to change my life a number of years ago. As a result I am now in my third year of seminary on vicarage in TX. I have been teaching on creation for a number of years and have seen many peoples lives changed likewise. Thank you again for the initiative!!

  6. […] sister’s growing ministry, called Frontline Moms. (Here’s a link to today’s post: ) If you can take the time to read, there’s a couple of amazing encounters I had when sitting […]

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