By Beth Groh
I cringed when I saw the magazine cover picturing Elton John, his “partner” and their newly adopted baby.

Not because I was personally offended by the photo. Actually I felt quite sad for them because I felt, in my heart, that the happy-looking threesome was living in a world of darkness… despite the glitz and glamour that surrounds the Hollywood elite.

My cringe was over the news coverage itself. I heard the immediate cry of “discrimination” when one retail store bowed to customers’ requests to put the magazine behind a shield so children wouldn’t see the image.

It has become all too predictable. “How heartless for people to treat Elton that way!” And, “Why would anyone consider that offensive?” “So stores can have women in provocative swimsuits but you can’t show two men and a baby?”

I’m tired as a mom of being marginalized by society for wanting to stand behind a Biblical and, still for the most part, a legal view of marriage being the union of a man and a woman.

It suddenly has become “discriminatory” for us to want to have one man and one woman as the legal—and visual—definition of marriage. If that’s our definition of marriage, well then we’re “old school”, “behind the times”, “judgmental” or, worse, “homophobic.”
Anymore I refuse to accept those labels—and I won’t let that type of bullying keep me from standing by my convictions which, by the way, reflect the very Judeo-Christian standards that were the basic foundation of our nation.

As Christians, we’re partly to blame for how we’ve been put on the defensive. For decades, we’ve tried to win the battle of opinions—over hot topics such as gay marriage, abortion, women’s rights—in the battlefield of ideas in our culture.

We “believe” certain things to be wrong, based on our faith, and therefore we want to fight for those beliefs. We’ll bravely walk into the lion’s den of battling for beliefs—whether in debates for the news media or on the political turf wars in elections—but we’re almost guaranteed to lose the argument in the minds of many who listen. They may simply dismiss us as having a different opinion—“Oh, they’re just anti-gay”–and never listen to what lies beneath those beliefs.

We need to reshape the debate. These hot-button moral issues ultimately boil down to differing world views—NOT differing opinions.

In man’s secular worldview, “right” and “wrong” are relative. Each person has his or her own definition of morality.

However, in God’s biblical worldview, “right” and “wrong” are truly either RIGHT or WRONG because God says they’re right or wrong.

Man’s Authority versus God’s Authority

In my younger lives, I was trapped in the blindness—and sometimes emptiness—of living in man’s worldview. Since I was taught at an early age that the Bible was flawed and subject to man’s interpretation, I could not rely on it for moral absolutes. Sadly, that’s a trap the devil is setting for our children today.

I choose now to stand on God’s Authority—even when, sometimes I must confess, I don’t fully understand it.

Our highest calling as parents is to help our children also share that biblical worldview, affirming God’s authority over man’s (perceived) authority. In my perfect world, that task would be much easier if I didn’t have to worry about what magazine covers my children had to see—or what TV shows they had to hear.

Certainly when our children are very small we do not want them to see “families” glamorized that are not in accordance with God’s definitions. We can—and should—try to shield them.

As our children grow, images such as the Elton John cover shot can become the teachable opportunities, though, for us to ask questions of our children… and help them see for themselves the difference between a Godly worldview and the worldview of sinful man.

In short, we may not win the battle to change the culture. But we can—with our Lord’s help and His Word—win the war to arm our children with the wisdom and discernment needed to view the world through God’s lens.

Photo courtesy of Chris2 via stock.xchng


2 responses »

  1. Karen says:

    Way to go, Beth! What a great reminder that we do need to reshape the argument and continue to stand for what we know is right!

  2. Doug Cherry says:

    Well done, Beth. The worldview issue is clearly at the center of what we are struggling with today. Keep standing for and teaching the truth.

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