By Lisa Cherry

Some of us Frontline moms are serving our families by homeschooling our children. For those of us called to serve the Lord in this capacity, we want to provide some encouragement and support. Please note our new featured tab Homeschooling Moms. We would love to hear from you as we connect our kids to the Father’s heart. Invite your homeschooling friends to join us!

As a homeschool mom of ten, with 22 years of teaching under my belt, I have developed some quick tricks to help “boost me” over the hump of the mid-year burn out temptation which, by the way, tends to hit me like clockwork every February and March!

1. Remind yourself about the original vision. This seems pretty basic, but around this time of the year when the lessons are not quite on time to my September schedule and the long months of winter produce loud, bouncy boys wrestling between math lessons, I hear my own thoughts say, “Now why are you putting yourself through this, Lisa?”

At times like this, I have learned to quickly refresh my memory: I am a homeschooling mom because God called our family to this assignment. This isn’t a hobby or a whim. This is a holy mission to disciple and train up a mighty generation for Him. Of course, I will encounter obstacles. That’s part of my assignment. But I will succeed because, “Faithful is He who called us and He will bring it to pass!”

2. Make a change where needed. My best laid plans in August sometimes are only that: plans. When life makes an adjustment, plans need to be adjusted too. 

Sometime my greatest homeschool mom stresses are my own artificially chosen goals. Who could know in August that I would encounter a concept learning challenge with Johnny in October? Obviously, homeschooling affords me the option to respond appropriately to some natural learning slow downs. But, do I allow us to adjust, or do I deem the rest of the year as “behind?” Nothing zaps my kids and me worse than a daily dread of being behind!

3. Laugh a little more with your kids. I am not a drill sergeant, short order cook, maid, or professional child psychologist. But somedays it feels like I need to be all four!

I am a mom first. And moms need to be able to laugh and have fun with their kids. When I start taking my “professional homeschool mom” job a little too seriously, I get a bad case of the crabbies. My joy flies out the window and we are going to WORK REAL HARD TO CATCH UP! Catch up to what?? (See #2).

I say put the school books up, Lisa, find a funny book to read or entertaining movie to watch. Curl up with the kids. Snuggle them tight and laugh a little!

Strength and perspective will come when joy returns…“for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

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I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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