By Tara Cherry

Sing it with me now:

The wise man built his house upon the rock.
The wise man built his house upon the rock.
The wise man built his house upon the rock.
And the house on the rock stood firm.

Foundation. Such a strong word. It is what our house is built upon, both in the natural and in the spiritual.

Think about your natural house, the one you live in. What happens if there is no foundation? It cannot stand. That is why we go to great lengths to make sure we have one! What happens if the foundation isn’t strong? We have problems that we go to great lengths to fix.

What about your spiritual house? Do you have a strong foundation? What about your children?

Being a mom of little ones, I can tell you, I must have a strong foundation for their sake. I have to model for them my foundation so that they know how to build theirs. Also, I have to teach them how to build their own foundation.

“How do I do that?” you may ask. “My children are so little and I am sure that they don’t understand what I am doing.”

They understand a lot more than you think. The secret is showing them consistency. And here are a few things you can do to begin to teach your young children the habit of building a strong spiritual foundation.

1. Read the Word together – Buy a baby or toddler Bible. Have a time everyday that you sit down with your child and read them a story. Basic Bible stories go a long way in teaching your children how to have that strong spiritual foundation.

2. Pray together – Whether it is in the morning when they wake up, or at meals, or even before they go to bed, teach them the habit of prayer. You pray and then let them pray. Remember, Jesus said to let the little children come unto Him. They may say some silly stuff, but it is what is on their hearts. And their hearts are close to the heart of God.

3. Praise and Worship together – Every morning, my husband and I will spend some time at our piano singing songs and worshiping. It has already made a lasting impact on our daughter who is almost two. She likes to crawl up next to me on the piano bench when I am typing on the computer (the computer is by the piano in the middle of our living room) and play on the piano and sing. I have even caught her doing what Daddy does by turning the pages of his notebook and “writing” stuff down. It is so sweet.

It is the little things that count. You don’t need to do all three right away. Take baby steps (no pun intended). Buy the baby Bible and start with a couple of times a day. Maybe a good start would be to establish a time of prayer. Whatever you do, it is beginning to build that foundation in your child.

What is your action plan for beginning to build that spiritual foundation in your child? What are you already doing that has worked for you?

Photo courtesy of Marek Bernat via stock.xchng

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  2. Amanda Sills says:

    Wonderful points, Tara! What a great reminder to model a Godly foundation for our children!

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