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By Lisa Cherry

We, the Cherry family, are partiers. Somewhere along the way we developed this as a family habit. Now, before your mind runs off to places it shouldn’t, let me assure you that our parties are all clean, holy and pure.

But our parties are not only for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and graduations (though we have more than our share of those.) We love to party and we’re always looking for a time to celebrate. And some of our parties celebrate…. nothing.

The other night my twelve-year-old, Matthew, entered the kitchen with the question, “Mom, can I bake a batch of brownies? I think we need to do something special tonight.”

In the past, I would have assumed that Matthew’s sweet tooth was just stirring up a desire for satisfaction. But that little gleam in his eye and excitement in his voice told me better. Matthew wanted to create a PARTY!

My mama-heart smiled with glee. “Sure son, go for it!” I enthusiastically said.

You see Doug and I have worked hard at the “party” thing. And I was so pleased to see Matt had caught on.

We want our home to be THE place where our children want to hang out, with their lifetime best friends—each other! We like that our kids want to party with us.

Oh sure, they go out to occasional parties with others, but isn’t it cool that we can party as a family with laughter and silliness and goofy games and almost-done brownies?

So my tip? Make your home the hang-out place. Find your family’s way to spell PARTY. And then loosen up and have them. Often. Excessively. Crazily. It is a great way to hold each others’ hearts so close that the exchange of Jesus’ love and life can truly flow.

And yes, you might have a mess to clean up later. Count on it and celebrate it!

P.S. Maybe I was wrong when I said our parties celebrate….nothing. Perhaps they really celebrate everything after all.


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I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  1. Kira Braun says:

    very nice. sometimes we get a little boring around here and work-oriented. lovely thought.

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