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By Beth Groh

This is a BUSY time for the Grohs! I’m coordinating a series of speaking events at our church, sponsored by Answers in Genesis. It’s a labor of love—but one with many moving parts! So while I worry about those details—from sound systems to chili ingredients—I’ll share a look back at why I’m so passionate on this issue… and why I’m writing for Kids Worldview for my dear sister, Lisa Cherry.

My epiphany moment came while sitting in a crowded Baptist Church in Yukon, OK, last summer, listening to Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis.

I remember so clearly thinking, “That’s it. Ken nailed it.” His words cut to my heart—the sword of Truth from God’s Word came swinging off that stage and pierced my soul.

So what was this “aha” moment?

It’s when I connected the dots in my own past about how—and when–I had rejected the authority of Scripture as a youngster.

As a child, I embraced a liberal theology…a worldview which considers the Bible an essential historical document, but its interpretation and meaning is subject to man’s reason. That reason can—and inevitably does—change over time as man’s ”wisdom” and “enlightenment” expands.

I specifically remember being told in a Sunday School classroom that…Psssst…didn’t you know that many of the Bible stories are really fables to help teach us lessons? That doesn’t mean Jonah really was in the belly of a whale or Adam and Eve really lived in a placed called Eden.

Even as a child, I remember that delicious sensation of having then been granted a taste of forbidden knowledge…a nugget of “truth” that most people may never be enlightened enough to realize. Ah, such a feeling a pride washed over me…

But unlike Adam and Even—who quickly realized and were shamed by their sin of falling for Satan’s tempting words—I didn’t realize until my late 20s that I was swimming in a pool of lies… and likely to drown as I drifted farther from my Savior. Sure, I picked up my Bible at times to look for answers to moral dilemmas, but I didn’t find answers—at least, I didn’t see them. I had become quite a pro at cherry-picking what I wanted to believe and, when I read something that made me uncomfortable, I could easily dismiss it as outdated, irrelevant to modern times.

Thanks be to God, that changed in my late 20s. God peeled those scales off my eyes, much like He did for Saul on the road to Damascus. By His gracious gift, I knew God’s Word was, in fact, His true and inerrant Word, a living and breathing source of light to lighten this dark world.

So as I sat there that day listening to Ken Ham, I was in full agreement. Six literal days of creation? Absolutely. Global flood? You bet. Young earth? Certainly.

Through God’s mercy, I could now answer those questions properly.

But how many millions of others have been deceived like me through Satan’s favorite playground—the story of creation? If Satan can knock the legs off creation—through Darwinian-inspired deception—then he can knock the legs off the Authority of Scripture throughout the Bible. It’s just his new packaging of his original scheme he started in the Garden of Eden, “Did God really say…?”

So my mission began that day. The Lord is directing my steps to bring clarity and focus on Genesis 1 to 11. Why? So others can avoid falling into the trap of deception that once lured me…and now seduces our children today.


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  1. Kalyn says:

    Really good Aunt Beth!


  2. Jacqui says:

    Thank you Beth, for your passion and devotion in this subject. Thank you for your wonderful posts on this site. May you continue to shout God’s glory and shine His light into the dark places.

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