Photo courtesy of Asif Akbar

By Lisa Cherry 

We are dealing with a pesky invasion of ants in our bathroom right now.  This seems to happen every spring right about the time the seasons change.  Tonight I heard Lydia begging to use the other bathroom because “they are all over the walls marching in a line!”

I am not a fan of ants.  Tomorrow I will need to find that little sticky liquid we always put out that makes them go away.  But tonight as I was looking at Proverbs chapter 6, I decided that I should do what verse 6 says and go in there to watch my ants on the walls.

Here they are trying hard to fulfill their God given job of verse 8, “storing their provisions in summer and gathering their food at harvest.”  They are working very hard.  Maybe I can learn from them before I drive them out!

Oh to spend more of my time looking ahead with forethought as those ants.  I sure would have a lot fewer crises if I learned from them. Running out of toilet paper, forgetting to buy eggs, failing to wash the boys’ load of jeans…all these forgotten or procrastinated little acts can add up to some mighty household challenges. 

The wisdom I can learn from those little guys?  Lisa, spend a little more time looking ahead and making a good plan.  Sit with the Lord and let Him help you make your to-do lists.  Listen to the voice of experience and do the little things while they are still little.  Act like an ant and don’t wait for an overseer to correct you. Just do it.  March in a line and get the job done.  Take the self-control God gives you by His Spirit.

Well, tomorrow the visual reminder will probably be gone.  Sticky liquid here we come!  Unless, of course, God sent those critters on another assignment!  Ugh!  I hope we learn from Proverbs 6 quickly!


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  1. Deanna says:

    Thanks Lisa,
    Did a search on diligence ..found one other post..Good word too. Please do more on diligence : )

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