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By Beth Groh

Catch me  first thing in the morning—or late in the evening—and you’ll learn my secret. I need glasses, the nearly “Coke bottle” kind, too!

I hide the fact pretty well, spending 95% of my waking time in contacts.  But, thanks to my inherited nearsightedness and now late-40s farsightedness, I wouldn’t survive long without major correction to my vision.

As Christians, we often need that “correction” to our vision, too.

We’re called by Christ to have a “biblical worldview”—to use His Word as the lens through which we observe and react to events around us.  That biblical worldview is ultimately shaped and formed by the Holy Spirit as His inspired Word speaks to us through Scripture.  Left in our own hands, our worldview “glasses” would be as useless as the plastic Groucho Marx ones we might see at Halloween!

That doesn’t mean, though, we don’t bear responsibility to keep our biblical worldview glasses as clean and sharply focused as possible.

Staying in God’s Word DAILY and keeping active in His Body through regular church worship are two great ways to start in keeping that biblical worldview vision sharp.

But here’s another important step—one often overlooked in today’s “modern” church movement: Knowing and memorizing the foundational creeds of the Early Church, such as the Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed.

Why, you might ask, do we need to know these sayings written by men nearly two thousand years ago?  Learning the history and purpose of those creeds will help to answer that question. 

Each creed emerged in times of spiritual—and physical—warfare against the early Church.  False teachings were being promoted, which undercut the very authority and accuracy of Scripture.  That’s why certain church leaders fought vehemently to assert common, foundational supports based on Scripture that could be recited, memorized and handed off to successive generations as a means of preserving sound doctrine and teaching.

Relevant today?  You bet.

Just think of the first few words of the Apostle’s Creed: “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth…”  Does society accept the idea of God as the “Maker” of heaven and earth? Or that they result from the Big Bang and natural processes over millions of years?

The confusion over biblical truth doesn’t just hover over the issue of creation either. You can quickly find conflicting messages within churches that profess to be Christian over the truth of the Bible, doubts about Christ being the only path to Salvation and a reverence for the earth and things of man over the sovereignty of God.  Many in church circles express doubt of the very existence of truth (called “post-modernism”).  

Is that a danger?  Absolutely—to you, your family and the very Body of Christ in His Church.

Consider this dire warning from author John MacArthur, in his powerful book, The Truth War: “The Church today is quite possibly more susceptible to false teachers, doctrinal saboteurs and spiritual terrorism than any other generation in church history. Biblical ignorance within the church may well be deeper and more widespread than at any other time since the Protestant Reformation.”

As a Frontline Mama, you can’t keep that biblical worldview clear from distortion if you don’t stand on the truth of Scripture. And that’s a tall order for anyone today, when we live in an age when many don’t even believe there is such thing as “truth” anyway.

So periodically give yourself an “eye exam” by taking the following steps to keep your biblical worldview sharp and in focus:

  • Read and reflect on the foundational creeds of the early Christian truth.
  • Encourage your church to incorporate these fundamental creeds as a periodic element of worship and basis for Bible study.
  • Teach your children these creeds, if not being taught in your church.  If they are being taught, reinforce them in the home.
  • Read (and then reread) the book of Jude as a warning against the spiritual distortion waging war against your faith.
  • Learn the history of the early Church and its fight against Gnostic influences and other heresies.  One great resource is The Truth War, an eye-opening glimpse into the spiritual warfare being waged against, and from within, the church.  Another one is The Last Christian Generation by Josh McDowell, who presents the shocking research about the current generation of churched youth, many of who do not believe in Christ. 

Just remember to ask yourself, too, every time you squint to see or find yourself cleaning your glasses or contact lenses: Am I striving, with God’s help and prayer, to keep my vision clear with a biblical worldview, or am I allowing Satan to cloud my vision by neglecting to study God’s Word and his Truth in Scripture?


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  2. Mrs BigTopp says:

    truthful and biblical blog
    the foundation for any perspective on life and parenting i guess..
    especially on the ‘frontline’
    we are preparing our family for the mission feild – to go to the unreached
    in a closed nation.
    your blog looks like it will offer wisdom thanks!

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