By Beth Groh

Planning that summer family vacation yet?

Oh, so many things to consider—travel budget, hotel reservations, local attractions, meal plans…the list goes on and on.

So shame on me for adding one more big “to do” to your list.

But, here it is, Frontline Parents. You shouldn’t plan that vacation without first weighing the worldview issues you may encounter along with the sight-seeing.

Now that doesn’t mean you strike Disney World off the list, or the beach, or the mountains…or any destination for that matter.

But it does mean you should (a) do your homework and (b) look for “teachable opportunities” to help reinforce a proper biblical worldview with your children.

Here’s a vivid example of how important this can be. Check out a recent blog post by Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis ministry.

An innocent day trip with your kids to the taxpayer-funded Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming offers a “quick and easy” indoctrination into an evolutionary worldview.

You’ll see the many signs and displays reinforcing an “old earth” explanation of how the earth was formed over billions of years. Who could doubt such “real science”? And who needs a fairy tale explanation like, “In the beginning, God created…”?

Do you think, parents, it would be wise to talk with your kids ahead of time about God’s Word about creation? Do you see how this could be a marvelous opportunity to contrast God’s design for His creation versus a naturalist’s view that life was a mere random result of natural forces?

If your destination is the Grand Canyon, then you’ll have another worldview clash. You’ll get to see firsthand evidence that the Grand Canyon is either (a) God’s majestic handiwork that offers breathtaking evidence of a global flood or (b) proof of long ages and millions of years. Which do you think the signs and park rangers will tell you?!

As Ken Ham quips, the Grand Canyon shows the effects of either “a little bit of water over a long period of time” (in an evolutionary worldview) or “a lot of water in a little bit of time” (biblical worldview.)

You can prepare in advance with many resources found in the Answers in Genesis site (just “search” your destination.) The site’s store also offers downloadable informational brochures on many popular spots, such as the Grand Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument and Niagara Falls.

If your travels may take you on more of an American history journey, you should first visit WallBuilders, the site of Christian historian David Barton.   He offers little-known historical facts about America’s true Christian heritage—must-read or must-watch resources, particularly if you’re considering a trip to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Plymouth or Williamsburg. Here’s a quick overview of some of the WallBuilders DVDs we’ve used in our family and church.

So, can you see Frontline parents, how your vacation planning offers an exciting opportunity?

A parenting-for-today approach simply checks vacation prices and availability.

A parenting-for-eternity approach requires more homework, yes…but opens new doors for sharing with your children or grandchildren God’s hand in history and His creation.

In the end, your perfect vacation will be the one that someday helps you claim the word of God in 3 John 4: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

Image courtesy of chensiyuan


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