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By Lisa Cherry

My “flying mama” tour with Acquire the Fire is quickly drawing to a close. With dozens of flight hours under my now experienced traveler belt, I have just one question for the airlines:

Do we really need the live demonstration as to how to buckle our seatbelts?

Now really! Who is now alive in our modern world that has not encountered a seat belt buckle? My great-grandmother Cozine who was born in 1890 might have needed a little help, if she had ever gotten on an airplane before she died.

Zine never drove a car and never even trusted riding in one. I have vivid images from the 1970s when we would pick her up to bring her to our house. During the entire trip, she would sit nervously in the car with one hand religiously gripping the door handle. My mom would try to get her to buckle up, but she always refused. She wanted to be able to get out quickly if there was an accident, she said. Kinda like exiting her buggy if the horse decided to buck.

But other than Zine, (who has been gone for almost 24 years) who would need help learning how to fasten a buckle? We have seat belt laws and car seat requirements for our vehicles. Could it be those seatbelt-less city slickers who only ride subways and buses? Or maybe the Amish who mainly drive farm equipment? And if so, what would they be doing on a plane?

On my last trip, my heart went out to the flight attendant holding up the ceremonial demo belt. Maybe just once a spunky one (probably from Southwest Airlines) will decide she has had enough of the speech and break out with the question that we, as we sit dutifully buckled in, are wondering:

“Would the passenger who does not know how to fasten their seat belt please stand up so that we can all come give you a personal demonstration?”

Until then I guess we will all have to comply with the FAA rules and endure the show.

Prevents lawsuits I’m sure for any sue-happy passengers who would claim they don’t know how to operate a seat belt.  Maybe these folks will be on the same flight as the McDonald’s customer (you remember the one) who didn’t know that coffee is usually served hot.


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  1. quaintscribbles says:

    Your mention of Acquire the Fire caught my attention. My daughter’s youth group sometimes attends–awesome for teens!

    And, yes, I remember the McDonald’s coffee incident. Never quite understood that lawsuit. Everyone knows coffee is piping hot. :)

    Thanks for sharing Zine with me. I could almost picture her gripping the handle in the backseat.


    Mom to a very active teenager who doubles as a bright right-brained learner.

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