Image courtesy of Horton Group

By Lisa Cherry

The annual Cherry clan family vacation is just around the corner. Let me define that for you. Sixteen people, big cabin, one week, 21 homecooked meals, and a trailer full of bicycles, suitcases, floaty toys, towels, sleeping bags,  sporting gear, and coolers.

We dream about this week all year long.  The children mark time by this week and we cram as many “memories” into the production as we possibly can.

So what kind of a parenting tip could a mother of an over-sized family offer to the other moms out there who are planning a family vacation?  Quite simple.  Give the event a name change:  Call it a “family trip.”

That significant name adjustment works wonders for this mother’s attitude when the dishes in the “vacation” cabin pile up and the laundry pile fails to disappear.  I am on a trip.  An adventure.  A memory-creating journey!

Successful events depend on a successful mother attitude.  Grumpiness just doesn’t cut it!  So if you can yield your own rights, sow your happiness for the good of the others, and seek first the place of servanthood, amazing things can happen!  You find the joy of the Lord and contentment and peace follow!

Somehow, someway God always seems to get me moments of rest and solitude even in the midst of a crowd.  (And sometimes Doug and I sneak away for a bit of real vacation….from our vacation!)

What special summer plans have you made with your family?  Happy traveling on those FAMILY TRIPS!



About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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