By Lisa Cherry

Some dream of lounging. Some dream of sleeping. And some dream of a vacation that knows no bounds—a flat-out, over-the-top, “cup-runneth-over” kind of trip.

I have to confess that our family vacation style might irritate those who aren’t the “Type A” vacation personality type. Like when we choose to pay vacation funds to sweat out an 11-mile bike ride in 92 degree heat…with an eight-month-pregnant mama who is still in better shape than most of us leading the way. (Ok, I must confess that her husband and father impounded her bike for the last two miles!)

We took a family swim off the rented pontoon boat. We could have just floated in inner tubes. But no; we all put on life jackets and swam from one shore to the other just to prove that we could.

We rented a beautiful mountainside cabin.  It’s literally on the side of a hill. Most people on vacation would consider it a nice place to park themselves for a week and relax. Not us. Our family members are trying to figure out how to run and bike their way around.

Sick, you say? That would potentially be my diagnosis if I were reading this! However, I would dare to offer this defense: People who are extreme in one arena tend to be extreme in several!

I just love my family of “extremers.” So Lynne, go ahead and post that picture of me on the water skiing trip. (Lynne, for those of you who do not know, helps edit and post our blog.) To be honest I have never been on skis my entire life. But I am truly proud to be associated with the “extremers” who do!

P.S.: There’s actually another “Type A” vacationer here! We found her doing push ups on a bench in front of the Smoky Mountains visitor center. I guess she needed to warm up before she ran around the park. We tried to get her picture but could not find the camera quickly enough. If we see her again, well try to get her name. OK?


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    You have been very blessed with a wonderful family. We are planning a vacation in the Smoky Mountains as well. Those cabins are beautiful. Where are they located? What lake were you able to rent the boats at as well?

    • Hi Cassandra!

      So good to hear from you! We have loved Douglas Lake at the Gator Point Marina. We were in the Black Bear Ridge Resort near Sevierville. We found the cabin this year by going to the Knoxville area Craiglist. All the cabins in that area are owned by different individuals. We needed a large cabin and found one that no one had rented for that week….with only a few days to spare the owner came down in price. It makes it a bit nerve wracking not knowing where you will stay, but many places do not want their cabins to go vacant for a week so they will negotiate the week or so before a vacancy. Hope you have a great trip

  2. Melinda says:

    That is similar to my kind of vacation. You so ministered to me at the ATF conference in January, and I love that you are so blessed. I sure was. My extreme vacation would be if I could go anywhere without my cell phone, laptop, or bugs. But, don’t think I won’t put some bug spray on to go on a good camping trip. My husband and I are planning a vacation. Thanks for the ideas. Can you water ski with a cane? Probably not, but I could Jet Ski. What a beautiful family you have.
    A sister in Christ you have blessed richly,


  3. Jane Reinwald says:

    I think this is a great vacation for you all, because it is how the Doug Cherry family is. Y’all put all your hearts into everything you do. Go for it, Lisa! I would really like to be with y’all on vacation that is my kind of area, however I do not think I could keep up with y’all in some activities. Be blessed more above & beyond. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Hugs from God! Love & Prayers Janie

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