By Lisa Cherry

I have so enjoyed watching my own precious daughter, Kalyn, become a mother!  Kyla Grace Waller made her debut just three weeks ago. Healthy, sweet, and beautiful.   Adam and Kalyn are so thrilled even though they are losing sleep and learning about projectile spit up!

Of course, Kyla is the darling of the family and everyone wants to hold her.  Even Josiah has had his turn to hold Kyla several times.

While I must admit that little Kyla must be the cutest little newborn currently on the face of the earth (I have to be careful or I could get myself in trouble here!), I must also say that my own daughter and son-in-law must be some of the cutest new parents!

If I had a quarter for every time I have answered Kalyn’s question, “Is_____ normal, Mom?” I think we might have Kyla’s college education halfway financed.  They are a diligent pair giving their little sweetheart every Godly blessing a baby could ever hope for.

So I sure have been wishing that some of their “baby moments” of crying could be eased.  When Kalyn would call home a little overwhelmed, I would sometimes offer my wise old advice: Try a car ride.  That will often calm everyone’s nerves.   But Kalyn and Adam would always agree quickly, “Mom, that will never work.  She seems to hate her car seat!”  Poor kids, I mused.  Could be a long infancy!

Well, the other night Kalyn was over at the house with the baby.  Adam was working so after her fifth evening nursing, Kalyn was eager to pack up Kyla and make a break for the road home.  Tara, who is the mother of my other two precious grandbabies, was keeping Kalyn company while she was packing up her stuff.  While we all sat in the living room watching Kalyn maneuver the baby into her car seat, Tara’s face reflected a puzzling look.

“Kalyn, is that how you always put Kyla in her car seat?” she asked.

“Why, yes. Is there a problem?” Kalyn replied.

Tara bit her lip to keep from laughing as she gently reached down and pointed out an obvious issue.  Kyla’s little legs were in the wrong position in her 5-point harness!  Poor thing.  She was pinned in with no wiggle room as her legs went over where they should have gone under!

The whole room erupted in laughter.  Especially when Kyla, who was already beginning to protest about her car seat, kicked her legs free when Auntie Tara repositioned her belt.  Freedom for Kyla and sleep for Mom and Dad.

Kalyn was quite embarrassed to admit to three weeks of improper car seat usage even after coming from a family of ten.  I guess it is just different when it is your own baby!  Kalyn just figured Adam must have read some new way of doing it.

The car rides have been transformed.  No more baby torture.  Now if they could just solve projectile spit up, they would have it made!  Ha Ha!


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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