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By Beth Groh

So it’s not a headline that might spark you to call a friend or post the news on Facebook.

But it’s one that caught my eye, as we take our weekly journey into keeping a sharp biblical worldview in our families.

“Light Speed Broken, Challenges Long Held Fundamentals of the Universe.”

Big deal?

Earth-shattering, if you’re a science geek…and you realize that any possibility of a particle traveling faster than the “so-called speed of light” would literally shatter Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity.


Well, at minimum, if it is proven, an awful lot of textbooks would have to be rewritten! And perhaps more importantly in the long term, many scientific theories and applications will have to be reconsidered if that foundational premise of a fixed light speed is confirmed to have exceptions.

After all, the speed of light has long been considered one of the few constants in the universe, a measuring rod, so to speak, that is the basis of countless scientific and mathematical calculations.

That’s why these new measurements pose a potentially seismic shift in the scientific paradigm.

But for those of us far removed from scientific laboratories or classrooms, is this news a true game-changer?

Well, not if we’re operating in a biblical worldview. We can see the profound truth in the headline-behind-the-headline: our Lord and Savior is the one true “Constant,” and source of all true knowledge, not any one scientific theory no matter how brilliant the author.

Man’s “knowledge” has finite limits. God’s wisdom, in the design of His universe, is infinite.

Repeatedly, God’s Word warns us not to trust in our own understanding because our brains, no matter how amazingly gifted, cannot equal that of the Creator.

“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,” as the prophet Isaiah records in chapter 29, verse 14. And “the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”

As Christians, we’re often told that we’re the fools if we hold to a biblical view of creation…if we claim geological evidence for a catastrophic global flood…if we believe God is the sole Creator of life, with its exquisitely complex and intelligent design, rather than accepting a belief in a random molecules-to-man mutation.

The science is settled, we’re told. A universe only thousands, not billions, of years old? Absurd. A world teeming with life created in a mere six days? Preposterous. An original and complete man and woman divinely formed? A fairy tale.

But the theory of special relativity? Done deal, unless of course, the speed of light truly is not an absolute. Gravity is universal? Sure, in the minds of great thinkers hundreds of years ago, until later shown not to be so constant in outer space or on another planet. A universe with the earth as its center? Positively…well, maybe an accepted “truth” a few centuries ago until that idea was later debunked.

The bottom line is that man cannot ever fully get everything right—even though we truly are blessed with the God-given curiosity and intellectual gifts to have an ever-expanding knowledge about His creation.

But we can take heart in this: God’s Word points us to the starting point of true understanding. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” (Proverbs 1:7) That’s a truth that resonates faster than the speed of light.


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