Courtesy of Robert Linder

By Lisa Cherry

When I was a girl, I remember watching a TV series called Here Come the Brides. Set in a wilderness logging camp, a group of men were eagerly searching for women who would be their wives. I do not remember the show to be sanctified and holy with its made-for-TV sexual humor. However, the goal of the show seemed to be pretty clear: lots of weddings.

I am not sure that show’s theme would make it in today’s culture. We might want to call the alternative There Go the Brides. With about two-thirds of couples choosing to live together before marriage and 6.4 million couples self-identified as “cohabiting,” the traditional image of the bride seems to be passing away from our culture.

Now don’t get me wrong. Sales of white dresses have not lagged. Just note the bridal magazines at any Wal-Mart check out line. We obviously still enjoy the drama and fanfare of a gorgeous party. But what on earth does the white dress mean at our modern weddings? Most of what’s advertised in Brides magazine looks more suggestive of the lingerie for the honeymoon than dresses for the ceremony!

Contrast this with the Biblical picture of a bride. Jesus, when He returns, will come for back for the church—prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.  In fact Paul tells us Jesus is anticipating a holy bride without spot or wrinkle.  Would our kids even know what that means?

A popular worship song by Hillsong United called Savior King says it like this….  “Let now your church shine as the bride, That You saw in your heart as you offered up your life.”

Parents and grandparents, we must not allow the Kingdom of God definition of the bride to disappear! We are His salt and light to a confused generation.

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