By Beth Groh

A mockery of a mockery…

That’s the conclusion I drew when I flipped the channels and caught a Jack in the Box commercial touting a new burger creation.

“I’m getting married,” the sincere-looking young man confided to his mother. She asked about the bride-to-be and he sheepishly replied it wasn’t a woman.

OK—brace for it, I thought—another profession of a homosexual union?

Hardly.  He was marrying bacon.

The ensuing images of him standing at the altar of a church with a strip of bacon were too absurd to even be funny.

But the shallow parody did make me think:  Is this how far we’ve come in diminishing the God-ordained institution of marriage? We now can mock the mockery?

My mind reached back to recent words I heard preached by Pastor Robert Jeffress, which are echoed in his newly released book, Twilight’s Last Gleaming: How America’s Last Days Can Be Your Best Days.

He asserts that redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships diminishes the very essence of the meaning of God’s gift of uniting a man and a woman in His holy institution.

If any partnership can be “marriage”, then where does it stop? Can a man marry another man? A woman marry a woman? Three men marry one woman? Four women marry one man? A 50-year-old marry a 13-year-old? A man marry “man’s best friend” and unite with his dog? Or, as the commercial quips, a man marry his favorite food?

Jeffress likens this redefinition of marriage to suit the eye’s of men—not God—to renaming all the colors “purple.”

“An apple, a daisy, and the sky are all declared purple,” he writes, leaving the word “purple” stripped of distinctiveness.

“In a world where everything is purple, nothing is truly purple.”

Sadly, we’ve reached a point in our culture where a “bacon marriage” commercial can either be dismissed as offensive…or embraced as a teaching tool.

Ask your children, your spouse, your friends, your co-workers: What is marriage? What does God’s Word say about marriage? Can you reject the notion of same-sex marriage and not be a “bigot?”

We must face cold hard facts: Our youth today are growing up in a culture hostile to traditional marriage. We can “click off” the images or words that perpetuate it, or we can acknowledge the assaults and use them to start deep spiritual conversations that reinforce God’s Word.


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