By Lisa Cherry

What a crazy idea.

We take our kids to Sunday school and church from infancy; we teach them right and wrong; we pray with them and for them; we anticipate their successful launch into mature adulthood by carefully selecting the right Christian education programs…but we do nothing about the cute little couple next door.

You know…that nice couple that smiles at you, backing in and out of their nice little suburban driveway in their nice, newer model cars.  They are so friendly to your teens and tots.  They’re even nice enough to buy the gizmos that your kids offer as fundraisers for their youth group trips.

They just found out they are expecting their first baby, and your family is invited to the baby shower.

One problem. They are not married. They are members of the “counterfeit young couples” club.

And your children will be hard pressed to recognize this. Why? Because cohabitation and those who practice it have been so “normalized” in TV commercials, movies, and novels.

With about two-thirds of couples choosing to live together before marriage these days, we’d better do something with the cute young couple!

At our house, we talk about those abnormal “normals.”  In fact, we talk and talk and talk. If my kids are going to truly grab onto the Kingdom of God normal of purity and marriage, then I, as the parent, must carry the responsibility of thoroughly discipling them on these issues.

My teaching must go beyond the mind gait. Sure I need to tell them of the radical costs of such behavior. But I must also communicate on a deeper level to their hearts and souls. Praying for their love relationship with Jesus, I must inspire a desire for radical purity and radical romance…all in God’s blessed package.

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About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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