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By Lisa Cherry

I love it when I get to take my kids with me on our weekend ministry trips to Acquire the Fire. It’s especially fun exploring the world with the young ones who have so many sites yet to see. When Nathan and I got to take Matthew (age 12) with us to Houston, not only did we get to introduce him to some fine dining on the Atlantic gulf seashore, but he also had the pleasure of his first airplane flight.

Unfortunately, Nathan and Matthew were booked on one flight while mom was booked on another so I only got to hear about his excitement second hand when we landed.

I never would have expected the story I received at the end of our return flight. It seems Nathan created quite a stir on that plane.

After popping his earbuds in for a little music relaxation, something went terribly wrong. The end piece to the earphone broke off in his ear! Shaking, poking, and digging were only pushing it further out of reach when he finally decided to consult with the flight attendants.

They were immediately concerned for their patron’s safety and parked him in the back seat of the plane. Their best removal efforts were producing no results either so they got on the intercom asking for a doctor or nurse on board.

Beverage service was put on hold as the two flight attendants became concerned that the earbud part was moving deeper into Nathan’s ear canal.  They called up to the cockpit for suggestions.

The thirsty passengers in the back half of the plane watched curiously as Nathan’s embarrassing drama unfolded.

The pilot’s verdict seemed rather extreme: sending paramedics to meet the plane!

One brave flight attendant decided to make one more pass to find some tweezers before calling the in-flight 911 system. This time her search paid off. With promises from Nathan to not sue her later, she dug the offending item out of his ear canal.

This type emergency was not covered in flight training, the attendant said.

And Matthew? His biggest report from the flight was the incredibly bumpy ride!


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  1. That was such an awesome story! Don’t you just love traveling with children! There is no boring life where children are concerned!

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