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By Lisa Cherry

We are blessed to have three bathrooms, and with our large family we put them to remarkably good use.  

With our twenty-something, four teens, a tween and two younger children jockeying with mom and dad for position, we have to be organized and cooperative to get everyone scrubbed and coiffed etc. on a daily basis.

Our problem began a few weeks ago when the third bathroom in the basement developed a leaky valve. 

With one toilet out of commission, we felt the sting.  But as a family, we rose to the challenge and pulled through.

So last week when Josiah accidentally flushed one of his favorite little toys down toilet number 2, we were officially upgraded to minor crisis… Or at least that was the response of the teenage girls.

Having to traipse through mom and dad’s bedroom to access the one remaining commode was cramping their style. I chuckled to myself at their reaction.

How about a little gratitude for a modern, flushable toilet?  Didn’t they remember hearing about the primitive facilities on the mission field in Africa?  Our friend Greg Ford told us about them.

Squat Toilet image courtesy of Wrightbus via Wikipedia

They’re appropriately called “squatties.”  But I digress.

 Business was brisk in the last working bathroom, but we were managing to “go with the flow.” (Sorry.)  Then we took one more turn downward, and I was no longer chuckling! 

With one final toilet melt down, we were loo-less…and utterly discommoded.

It was evening, of course, when the services of a plumber would have been extremely dear. In a wonderful burst of husband/dad heroics, Doug got to work. The toy in the upstairs toilet was clearly beyond a lay-plumber’s reach, so he decided to tackle the leaky basement problem.

I guess he didn’t count on the risk of breaking off the sealing ring after the last plumbing supply store was closed down for the day.

When I arrived home after tending to a sick relative, I was met with the latest news. Not only were we potty-less, we were also waterless.

Oh, calamity! Can you imagine the wailing that arose in the teenage girls? How many places they could not possibly go unless dad got the shower restored!

But the boys, hey, they thought it was actually pretty neat. Making do seems to be in their blood. That is until Josiah reported he had to have a potty NOW…and the woods outside the back door were not going to do!

My idea of an emergency homemade potty chair drew looks of horror. So we loaded up the troops and headed for some pre-bedtime relief at Doug’s office nearby.

The overnight results?   Deep in the garage, Doug found a critical spare part.  He improvised and… we had water by morning!  But alas that only put us back up to one working pot again.

The trail into mom and dad’s bedroom bath was still quite hot, but we were kinda grateful even for that! Amazing what a luxury we felt when dad conquered potty #2! As for potty #3?… We are still waiting with eager anticipation!


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I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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