Image courtesy of Julie Elliott-Abshire

By Lisa Cherry

I had noticed an unusual round of younger brother inflicted wounds in our family in recent weeks. Odd little fingernail marks on big brothers and sisters that occasionally got reported to mom. I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but employed my standard strategies for discipline of a  five-year-old when the situation warranted. This week I finally got the whole story.

Micah, Josiah’s 14-year-old “teammate” came chuckling with a report on Josiah’s activity. It seems the boys have been including Josiah in their roughhousing, i.e. wrestling/fighting. At five, Josiah is remarkably tough and seems eager to join in the fun. However, his smaller stature puts him at continuous disadvantage, and usually those play fights have a way of becoming “real” before they are over.

“Look at these fingernail marks Josiah left all over my arms, Mom!” Micah laughed as he came strolling into our bedroom. “Josiah says he had to do it to me because it was the only way he could make his arm twisty hurt!”

Awww. His secret weapon was discovered.

Good thing he is dealing with big brothers who have an amazing tolerance for five-year-old reasoning.

Got me thinking though after I had a good laugh. Sometimes in relationships we want to give each other a twisty just to take out some of our disappointment or pain. Maybe not with our hands like Josiah, but with our mouths. I have learned over the years that “twisties” are never wise and only lead to further battles. Maybe we should take a lesson from Josiah—retract our fingernails and retire the retaliation!

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