By Lisa Cherry

Wow! How the last two years have changed my life! I can hardly believe we are about to finish our second year of touring around the country speaking to parents at Acquire the Fire events.

With almost 60 events under our belts, we are now veterans to the traveling ministry lifestyle… Well, almost.  I now think I could navigate an airport in my sleep.  But I’ve written before about some of my travel mess-ups, mishaps and goofs, and I must confess I still sometimes make some ridiculous blunders.
This past weekend I could not find my driver’s license after coming through screening. I knew I would have to forfeit my seat on the plane, since I would never make it back home without it.

Visions of calling Doug to rescue me by overnighting my passport were flashing through my mind, when I suddenly remembered my stupid error. I had set my license in the security tub with my other belongings and had never retrieved it. The TSA agent searched through the tall stack of tubs and found it, and I smiled sweetly at him.

Adventure, fulfillment and fatigue would be choice adjectives for these last two years. My children have risen to the lifestyle adjustment well. Doug is carrying more of the weekend commitments and thoroughly enjoying it; our older kids can handle some events without me; and the younger seven are busy rotating their turns to travel to exotic and non-exotic destinations.

But other than fun and adventure, why would we continue such massive efforts? That’s easy. Because of our call to our tribe. God is awakening a new generation of POTTS (Parents of Teens and Tweens), and we are privileged to be some of His messengers.

Our meetings this year have been so exciting! As parents we are awakening to the Lord to lead our kids to mature faith and holy living. Is it easy? NO way! Raising teens today is extremely difficult….but ever so important.

In each city we expanded our offerings to include new meetings on issues such as Sex, Love, Dating and Courtship; Capturing the Heart of Your Teen; Protecting Your Child from Sexual Predators; Top 7 Things My Parents Did Right; and Normal Parenting Is Not Enough.

The results? We expect to finish this year with nearly 900 POTTS subscribers who have signed up to start some sort of POTTS group either in their own family or their church!  Back in September we set a goal of 600, and thought that was aggressive! 

Each month we email our subscribers an instructional parenting video which they can use as the basis for discussion in their groups. Thousands of parents have been challenged to lead their home more effectively.

Prayers for healing and deliverance were offered at every event. Books and resources have sold very well, and we have placed hundreds of copies in homes of parents who could not afford them. And most important of all, Jesus was magnified in the lives of thousands of parents.

All glory to God for what He has done! Truly, He has not forgotten this generation!

As we celebrate what He has done, we are looking forward to year 3 on the tour. Will you join us in prayer?

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About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  2. E. Tyler Rowan says:

    Lisa, I could not be more happy for you! I am so very proud to call you my friend, and am beyond excited for the work the Lord is doing through you. You absolutely have my prayers!

    • Tyler, thanks so much for writing in. Your prayers are appreciated. Let’s catch up sometime. Blessings as you wrap up another school year and head toward summer!

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