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By Lisa Cherry

Wow, have we moved the ancient boundary stones of our forefathers a long way!

This article about parents who helped their child “change sexes” is shocking… but we had better take a look! Read with an eye of discernment.

Can you see the subtle deceptions laced throughout the reasoning of this family? Our children are faced with these same arguments daily.

Believers, if you ever have a child who expresses dissatisfaction with the way God made him or her, cry out to the Lord for healing, and affirm your child with the Word of God.

Tell your child, we are His workmanship.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Who are we to question or try to correct our Maker?

I would love to hear back from you as to your thoughts…


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  1. Scott says:

    What is also not commonly known is the foolishness of this in the natural. Not only would any sex change procedure be very expensive and high risk, it would also require a lifetime of taking the wrong hormones. John’s Hopkins Hospital stopped performing this surgery, not due to their have sudden moral issues with it, but they found that none of the patients they had performed this on showed any signs of improvement from a clinical psychology perspective.

    And you can count on the Obama administration requiring insurance companies to cover this cost the direction they are headed. Not only have they now both required that insurance include free abortafacients and now elective abortion, Obama’s 1st Judicial nomination to the supreme court (Elena Kagan, who’s a lesbian by the way) (REQUIRED that sex change operations be included in covered insurance when she was the president of Harvard law school, when she also introduced classes on “queer law”, which advocates complete acceptance of this and cross dressing, and by the way, also seeks to lower the age of consent.

    • Scott, you give us so many points to ponder here. Truly we must stand for the ways of God in a spiritually dark culture! Thanks for commenting and educating others.

  2. Scott says:

    Homosexuality and transgenderism are perhaps the ultimate rebellion against our Father, who is the ultimate designer. It is effectively saying “You made me wrong”. NO!!! We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

    What most churches tragically don’t clearly teach is that homosexuality and abortion are not only abominations (when is that word ever spoken in “mainline” churches?), they were principle reasons that led to the judgment of Israel and then Judah (PS 106 35-41, Jer 7:31-34, Jer 19:2-7). In the OT era, children were sacrificed to the gods of their age – baal, molech, chemosh, tenet. Demons could care less what they are called, they are out to kill, steal and destroy. Today millions of pre-born children are sacrificed to our gods – comfort, career, convenience, choice.

    I was a leader in Operation Rescue and in that role, took part in multiple national rescues, where we were opposed by large groups of pro-abortion zealots. I’ve also infiltrated them. What I observed is that there is a very high % of homosexuals in the pro-abortion crowd, which makes sense, as both advocate doing whatever they want regardless of the consequences. In 1 Kings 14 we read “Judah did evil in the sight of the LORD, and they provoked Him to jealousy more than all that their fathers had done, with [h]the sins which they [i]committed. 23 For they also built for themselves high places and sacred pillars and [j] Asherim on every high hill and beneath every luxuriant tree. 24 There were also male cult prostitutes in the land. They did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD dispossessed before the sons of Israel.” The significance of the term “high places” is that is where children were sacrificed to their false gods as a part of their “worship”.
    What is also not commonly taught is that in the old testament, a king’s whole life was often summarized according to two phrases. Either the king did or did not walk in the way of his father David, and he did or did not tear down the high places. The term Jesus used to describe hell was Gehenna, which meant “Valley of the sons of Ben Hinnom”. This is the place outside Jerusalem where the high places of child sacrifice were.
    How will our lives be judged? Will we tolerate these abominations, or will we make it a priority to stand against these abominations.

  3. You are right: we have moved the ancient boundaries a long way.. I agree with you that we need to tackle this first on the basis of our wonderful identity in Christ.

    • Jesus has left us the key to untangling any confusions we have concerning our true identity….if we will listen. Shanda, I guess we must pray for more to listen to Him!

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