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By Beth Groh

I must admit. Vice President Joe Biden really nailed it this weekend on NBC’s Meet the Press.

When discussing the issue of gay marriage, he gave credit where credit is due.  He attributed the “social cultural change” in attitudes towards traditional marriage to the media, which he said helped his own views on same-sex marriage “evolve” over time.

“I think [the TV show] ‘Will and Grace’ probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything else anybody has ever done so far,” Biden said.

Thank you, Mr. Vice President!

Finally, someone admitted what many Christians with a biblical worldview have been saying for years:  media doesn’t just reflect culture. Media shapes it.

The “normalization” of same-sex relationships in the media can–and has–eroded God’s plan for families.

Just look at the recent display ad for JC Penney’s featuring a lesbian couple.

When watchdog group, One Million Moms criticized the ad and the selection of openly gay spokeswoman Ellen Degeneres, many were quick to pronounce judgment. Not on JC Penney’s, but on the critics. Homophobic. Intolerant. Narrow-minded. Or, worse, hate-mongering.

The ongoing chess game seems endless, and one side seems to have the home-field advantage in the media.

Step 1: Flaunt images of a gay lifestyle.

Step 2: Provoke protests from traditional social conservatives.

Step 3: Pounce on the “intolerance” of critics.

Step 4: Repeat.

Biden pretty much admitted it’s an effective tactic.

But the casualty is TRUTH. And our children may be the ultimate victims.

The truth is simple:

Truth 1: God’s Word is abundantly clear about the sinfulness of homosexuality.

Truth 2: We can express hate for a sin, while loving the sinner.

Truth 3: We’re actually exhibiting love—and not “hate”—when we hold up God’s Word as a mirror for sin of any type, whether our own or others.

Truth 4: We’re all sinners. But, mercifully, Christ died as the punishment for those sins.

Truth 5: Therefore—out of mercy, reflecting Christ’s sacrifice for us—we’re called to help others avoid the deadly traps of sinful living, while being mindful ourselves of staying grounded in God’s Word for advice on daily living.

So how do we stop this destructive game that threatens to reshape a culture devoid of God’s plan for families?

Step 1: Pray.

Step 2: Lovingly reject the labels attached to those who stand up for biblical principles.

Step 3: Voice praise—and outrage—when appropriate.

Step 4: Ground ourselves and our families in God’s Word.

Step 5: Love those who disagree, but don’t cower in holding a mirror to sin (especially on our own lives).

Step 6: REPEAT!


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