By Lisa Cherry

“Mom, would you love me if I’m bisexual?”

That was the painful question posed by a 13-year-old girl to her mother. The mother, whom  I met recently, was horrified. She and her daughter are both Christians.

How could that sweet little girl—while wearing her purity ring and saving herself for her husband—ask such a question?

I will tell you how. She has been deceived by the sexual predator forces of our day that mask themselves as our friends.

She has learned the thought process well. Some are born that way. You will need to discover your own “sexual orientation.”

So when this young teen found that her friends were forming “relationships,” she figured she might just need to join them.

What happened to the concept of consulting God’s word on this issue? It has been buried under some strange, faulty logic. Homosexuality is not an identity; it is a sin.

What was this precious Mama to do? I encouraged her to help her child reason this problem out biblically.

She will need to show her God’s words and then trace through the falsehoods. No one goes to their mom and says, “I just discovered I am a thief,” or “I just discovered I am an adulterer.”

Certainly a parent would not yield to such a declaration. How are we to respond to a declaration of homosexuality?  …as if it is different?

We are created by God with a sexual identity and a sexual drive. Perverse temptations are a part of the fall, and Jesus died to purchase our freedom from the fall!

We are living in a sex-saturated world that fans those perversions into blazing fires that threaten to consume our kids….all while we label it as “alternative.”

Parents and grandparents, are we ready for honest conversations about this one???

Do you love your kids enough to tell them the truth about homosexuality?

Unmasking this issue for our kids is vital to their protection.

I urge you to get a copy of our new book, Unmask the Predators.  Refer it to a friend as it releases this week!

Don’t miss part 2  and part 3 of this series.

Teaching What Is Good


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  4. In our age of sexual ambivalence and no moral absolutes, it is so easy for our children to be attacked and pushed into accepting beliefs contrary to the Word of God. Thank you for sharing this post!

    • I so agree. Since I have been at mothering for a number of years I can certainly testify it is MUCH harder now! So much confusion all around our kids to sort out. Thanks for writing in. I plan to continue the dialogue as I know I need it!

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  6. transitionalwoman1 says:

    A heartbreaking moment for the mother in your post…
    Another area of sin our kids are bombarded with is online pornography. I know of two families dealing with this with their sons.

    • Absolutely! What our kids are up against is heartbreaking. We must equip ourselves as never before. Pornography produces a soul wound on our kids that God never intended. Let’s continue our conversation as moms about these critical issues.

  7. Nathan Cherry says:

    Wow… what an excellent blog post – We must be more alert than ever as we parent our children!

  8. Scott says:

    Homosexual activists and their media and political allies use the rather benign term “sexual orientation” as it is both “value neutral” and implies that it just is. The problem is for many reasons, not only is there no support for this scientifically, there is plenty of support to show that homosexuality is “environmental,” not genetic. There is a web site I would highly recommend for much more information on the research to the genetic vs. environmental question. It was started by two researchers who about 20 years ago met several EX homosexuals, and started researching the subject.

    For example, if it was genetic, then studies of identical twins would confirm that. But they don’t. There is a clear trend of homosexuality following sexual abuse as a child. There is also a correlation to having a missing or dysfunctional relation with the parent of your sex, and a close one with the opposite sex parent. Perhaps the ultimate illustration of the lie that it is genetic (and you can’t be responsible if you’re really made that way) is the example of Sparta in ancient Greece. It was a very regimented society, with clear expectations. Boys were expected to join the military at puberty, and would be “mentored” by an older soldier, which included homosexuality. But then at age 26, if the soldier was still alive, he would be expected to marry (a woman of course) and raise up children for the good of the state. Did their genes change at puberty, then again at 26? And considering that we’ve only had artificial insemination for perhaps 50 years, if homosexuality is genetic, how is it passed down genetically? But homosexual activists, the mainstream media and liberal politicians would have the nation accept this absurd lie of being born homosexuals. And still more absurdly, they would also have us accept that some individuals were somehow born with the “wrong genes” and somehow require a sex change operation to be who they were meant to be. Well, which is it?

    The truth is that we are made in the image of God, male and female, called to be one, to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with the knowledge of The Lord. The One who designed the atom, our DNA, and created solar systems made us right.

    The other huge problem is that the message projected by the politically correct culture is that this includes homosexuality and bi-sexuality. What is not brought forth is that behind the scenes, homosexuals have a FAR higher rate of sexual abuse and involvement in child pornography. Tragically, this is a common side of homosexuality. Studies of children abused in foster care in states that cluelessly allow children to be placed in homosexual households show that homosexuals are 15 times more likely to abuse those entrusted to them than heterosexuals. Paul Cameron, using Lexis (a national legal database) for objective research going through child sexual abuse arrests for both teacher/student abuse and child sexual abuse overall likewise finds that the incidence of child abuse is about 15 times higher. And even the military, where there is no inherent age/size/strength advantage, finds that homosexuals are 10 times as likely to commit sexual molestation that heterosexuals.

    It is time we learn to receptively engage the culture and speak truth in a way they can understand and receive. We’re called to be salt and light.

  9. Dom says:

    I love my children enough to reassure them that there is nothing on this earth that could dissolve the bond between us, and to take it from there. My love for my children is not even part of the moral equation. It should never be part of *any* equation; Christ’s isn’t, after all. Given that, if they make choices that I deeply disagree with, I would of course express concern – but they could never erase my feelings for my son or daughter, any more than God would throw over His love for HIS sons and daughters.

    Go hug your child and tell her you love her. She doesn’t need to hear, at her age, that there is ANY reason that she could provide you that would make you hate her. Ynsofar as your concerns for her moral standing… Remember this. You will never have any good effect on anything she says or does, ever, if she feels that she can’t rely on your essential and unshakeable maternal feelings.

    I will pray for both of you.

    • Dom,

      You make essential points. As this mom and I talked, we rejoiced that this child had enough trust and love in the mom to share openly her confusions. Mom immediately assured her of her love. That was a given for her. Her question to me is what do I say after I assure her of my love. The mom wisely had delayed her first reaction of horror! However, she was faced with tough choices…..allow the voices of “orientation discovery” to allow the thought process to continue, separate her child from her friends who were experimenting, let the issue lie silent and pray for the best or stand up and tackle a very very tough issue. I am continuing to pray for this mom to hear the voice of the Father in the battle she is in! Thanks for your thoughts, Dom.

    • Crystal Brothers says:

      Dom, I completely agree! This is exactly what I was thinking as I read the post!

  10. Elise says:

    Je suis très peur pour votre fille. Elle doit être aimé pour qui elle est, elle est votre enfant, même si vous n’êtes pas d’accord avec ce qu’elle vous a dit. Nous sommes tous des beaux enfants de Dieu, et il devrait traiter les uns les autres en tant que telle. Vous avez mes prières.

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