By Lisa Cherry

California is close to making history once again, in a way that must be noted by Christian parents who are interested in protecting their kids. This week the Senate passed a controversial law that challenges the discussion we began a couple of weeks ago.

A  Christian mom recently sought out my advice concerning a tough question from her young teen, “Mom, would you love me if I was bisexual?” Many of us concerned parents are learning by this family’s struggle.

California’s new proposed law bans psychological treatment for the challenge of homosexuality. I encourage you to take a moment to click on this link to the story.

Gay activists are heralding this as a “victory.”  I do not share their enthusiasm! In fact, I am horrified.  It looks to me like this is one more dangerous step encroaching on our parental rights. Me not able to seek treatment for my struggling child? That is outrageous!

This article reporting on the California law could make a great teaching example in your home. In this confusing hour when the Predator forces are capturing our kids’ hearts and minds, we must go on the offensive before we are thrown on the defensive. Note the following assumptions laced in the arguments:

1. Homosexuality is inborn/genetic  (See this study.)

2. Homosexuality cannot be changed….and should not be!

3. God created some people as homosexuals therefore we must be careful not to “judge” others. (See Rev. 22:15)

4. Homosexuality is an identity. (See my post on this.)

5. Seeking deliverance from the homosexuality lifestyle is dangerous and “mean.”

6. The government needs to legislate these issues.

I began to ask myself some penetrating questions.

Are my teens prepared to handle these persuasive indoctrination techniques? Am I talking to them openly, countering the ideas they may be absorbing from the media and culture? Do I have a settling in my own mind and heart as to these critical issues?

Our children cannot be expected to decode this issue on their own. As homosexuality continues to dominate the political and religious debate waves, we, as parents, must lead our children in what to believe.

Parents, what can we do to protect our kids’ minds? I would love to see your ideas posted here!

This series of posts begins here.

Watch the trailer of Lisa’s new book, Unmask the Predators.

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I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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