By Lisa Cherry

Departures on the annual Cherry family vacations are never very pretty. This one had more than its share of theatrics.

1. Mom’s diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff two days before departure left her trying to get all other family members to do their work as well as most of hers. Ugly.

2. Doug had been procrastinating replacing a bathroom fixture, so he figured he better shut off the water to avoid the slow leak flooding the house. But when he stripped the shut off valve when turning it off, he knew we had a deeper problem. Pre-trip plumbing repairs.

3. No one remembered about Ethan’s gerbil and Josiah’s fish. So we packed them up and carefully transported them to Doug’s office amidst Josiah’s tears. The secretaries will get a surprise when they come to work on Monday.

4.  After we got in the car and got all buckled in, I made a horrifying discovery. My phone was missing. Yes, again.  After an all family search we became concerned it could have fallen into the trash.  Seeing Mom’s tears, Micah volunteered to help.

5.  Two hours late for departure with every spare spot crammed in the trailer behind, Kalyn calls begging for help with her high chair and stroller. What? She only has three in her car, the kids lament. Grampy reminds them we are dealing with a first-time mama. No telling what we will have crammed into this cabin.

I think we might need a vacation from our vacation…but maybe we will find my phone rolled in my dress pants pocket in the suitcase. We should know about 2 a.m. when we arrive…..or maybe at this rate… 4 a.m.??

Uh oh. Did anyone pack a spare tire for this trailer? We already had to stop for air……

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