By Lisa Cherry

Another one has come and gone…

…A wonderful week of sharing life with my whole family in an exotic cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

As I write this, we are in the van on our way home, in the final two hours of what should be have been a seven hour drive.  So far it’s taken us 9 ½ hours. 

I have decided to record my top lessons for other moms who still might have their vacation ahead of them this year.

    1. Always pack your Quaker Oatmeal canister yourself where you can keep a mom-eye on it.  Eight cups of oatmeal sprinkled generously throughout your possessions in the trailer is not a pretty sight.
    2. Take extra towels. For some reason the cabin was not exactly equipped for 18.
    3. Remember to check the weather forecast before you plan your daily outings. Unless, of course, you want a front row parking place at the mountain top view when visibility has reduced to about five feet.
    4. Ear plugs are a must. You never can tell when those young ones will all decide to howl about their new surroundings.
    5. Bring extra bread. That way if the kids want to feed some to the birds or fish, you will not feel grumpy about it.
    6. Walk hand in hand with your sweetie as you gaze over at your brood. Smile and realize that every moment as a family is a precious reward from the Lord.
    7. Learn to enjoy squeeze cheese. It’s bland, artificially flavored and is horrible for you, but nothing screams vacation food like that little can.
    8. You can never pack too many baby wipes. Even though my youngest is five, we are addicted to them.
    9. Find a way to exercise every day, so when you realize you have lived a whole week in carb overloading, you can at least comfort yourself with the fact that you tried.
    10. Enjoy every single memory. Even the squabbles and even the spills. As the children get older, you will wish for these noisy days again!

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  1. Karen says:

    True words of wisdom that we will carry with us as we prepare our tribe for family vacation! (And isn’t #8 the truth?!!!)

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