Updated June 20, 2012

I can understand this Texas father’s rage.

He discovered a 46 year old man sexually molesting his four year old daughter in a secluded area on the family ranch.  

Nothing will ignite the adrenaline-fueled anger like someone harming your own child.  We felt this primitive response too when we learned what a family friend had done to our 15-year-old daughter, Kalyn. However we did not act on it.

 But oh the pain that is still forthcoming when the dad’s response resulted in the abuser’s death.

Is there anything that could be learned from this tragic event in our own quest to protect our children? I can think of a few things.

1. We must understand that even our own homes are not places to let down our guard when visitors are present.  

2.  This perpetrator had the audacity to act even with the high risk of discovery. It shows how offenders can be deceived into thinking they are invisible.

3. Authorities have said that the abuser was hired by the family to work on the ranch.  Sometimes the rules of stranger danger are not enough. We must recognize that 90% of predators are known to the victim. Perceived trust can cause us as parents to subconsciously label people as safe and allow an abuser private access to a child.

4.  It does not take long for an abuser to act. Our defenses must be constantly on guard.

5. Sexual abuse is totally illogical to the normal mind. If we try to apply our beliefs to their actions, we can be naively tricked. Just because we would never see a child as a sexual object does not mean that others have the same standards. Shocking, isn’t it?

Will you join me in prayer for this family? A little child has been traumatized and needs healing.

Though the county grand jury has announced her Daddy will not face charges, this family is facing unthinkable grief and pain.  And who knows how many family members of the perpetrator are shocked and grieved as well.

By Lisa Cherry  author of Unmask the Predators

Image courtesy of Adrian van Leen


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I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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