I remember the seeds of this post germinating when I was just a little girl in the fabric store with my grandmother.

Mom Renshaw was a woman of great strength and determination who knew how to make every dollar count. She sewed her clothes, my grandfather’s clothes and wanted to sew mine when she could find a good deal.  She always stopped by the remnant bin to see what she could find.

I think somewhere in the back room of fabric stores with Mom is where I first developed my inner suspicion for that word remnant.

Ah, the remnants. Those lonely pieces of fabrics leftover after all the full paying customers had selected their goods. Too short to wind their way on the bolts any longer, these rejected linen pieces were repackaged into little bundles and colorfully labeled with deep discounts designed to attract the customers.

In my adult life, I have heard preachers solemnly say…..God always preserves a remnant. In every time. In every era. In every culture He always has his folk.

I truly have never doubted what the Bible scholars proclaimed. I knew enough history lessons to know they are right. It’s just that when the preacher made his declaration, my mind raced with other memories of sewing projects with my depression-era grandma.

So when I heard the word remnant, I wondered did I really want to be like those fabrics from my childhood memory? Leftovers. Rejects. Wannabes. Cheap substitutes.

Didn’t I want something more successful for my life than just a cut-rate settling for a position in the bargain bin?

What if my Heavenly Father had something else entirely different in mind when He casts a vision to us of the word Remnant? What if His definition as it relates to Mom’s material was more like this:

The fabric at the end of the bolt that had not been parceled out for other projects or visions.

The fabric selected to finish up a special job.

The choice fabric that is reserved as special and valued for its rarity.

Would that not change my desire to be included in HIS REMNANT?  Would that change my kids’ view to be children of the remnant?

I believe we stand at an apex of history in the body of Christ as we groan to settle which meaning of remnant to adopt.

We have tried to soft sell the Christian family concept for too long avoiding many of the sticky questions that it raises in our own lives and the lives of our kids.

Will we continue to expect a Christian culture look-alike to every trend that arises in the world?

Or will an assignment to the Remnant of the Lord in our generation come with a premium cost to step out and be different?

Can you sense the dawning of a new season? As the darkness has settled in more heavily, we can no longer fool ourselves and our children. We are no longer able to sit on the fence and presume our position.

I was speaking to a group of parents in Pittsburgh recently about parenting the remnant generation when a mom approached me in the auditorium hallway. She was amazed at the timing of our meeting.

Just that week before she and her husband had a very sobering conversation about the shifting of the times and the new season they were sensing. “Lisa, I know in my heart this is true. We will need to adjust as a family and take serious our aiming of our children.”

So I guess my gut-honest question to myself is a great place for us all to start as we begin our pondering of this issue together:

If there is a God-Remnant gathering, Lisa, are you willing to yield to His view of the process and….Do you truly want to be counted as a part? 

Our children will need our support if they are to be able to stand up and be separate. Are we ready, parents, to take our place of Leadership?

“Therefore come out from them
and be separate,
says the Lord.
Touch no unclean thing,
and I will receive you.”  2 Corinthians 6:17

How about you?  Do you see your family as part of God’s remnant?

By Lisa Cherry, author of Unmask the Predators


About frontlinemama

I am a mom who is passionate about equipping moms and parents to help their children through the challenging times we live in today.

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  2. […] Front line Moms by Lisa Cherry can turn pretty serious where it comes to protecting our children, but I really enjoy her take on life and godliness.  Yesterday she had a great post on what it means to be part of God’s Remnant. […]

  3. My parents already had this mindset when they were raising me. Not all my siblings caught the vision, but I sure did. The world around us has strayed so far from God’s ways that we cannot afford to just drift through life following the crowd.
    I like your “new” definition of remnant a lot. We are reserved for special use by God Himself!

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