Lisa Cherry

When Lisa Cherry gave birth to her first of ten children in 1984, a frontline mama was born too. Today she’s also an author, conference speaker, and mentor to other moms. She regularly leaps tall mountains of laundry in a single bound, and still finds time to homeschool her children from kindergarten through grade 12, play horsie with her four-year old Josiah, and patty-cake with her grandchildren. Lisa’s a connoisseur of crock pot meals, and loves to redecorate her home. Date night is her favorite night of the week; she spends it with Doug, her sweetie and husband of almost 30 years. Lisa and Doug pastor Victory Dream Center in Carbondale, Illinois.

Cherry Family

Beth Groh

Beth Groh can’t compete with her big sis, Lisa Cherry, on the mom front—Lisa wins 10 to 3 on the number of children reared and steered through life!   But she shares Lisa’s fiercely protective “mama’s heart” when it comes to guarding those children, and others around her Oklahoma City home and church.   She’s now an avid writer and advocate for instilling our children with a Biblical worldview—one that provides the proper lens through which to view day-to-day opportunities and challenges… at home, in our nation and around the world.  That’s quite a switch for Beth, too, who had her desert years in the faith as a young, single journalist with a liberal bent.  Through God’s grace—and his Word—she emerged with a reformed heart.  Now her former journalist pen can be used to chronicle the world for other moms seeking to put God’s glasses on their children to view His creation.

Groh Family


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